Where To Go To Rest On The Sea In January

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Where To Go To Rest On The Sea In January
Where To Go To Rest On The Sea In January

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When planning a seaside vacation in January, it is worth considering that during this period it is warm and comfortable only in countries close to the equator. And since the New Year holidays last for almost half a month, it is better to decide where it is better to go in the middle of winter, better in advance.

Where to go to rest on the sea in January
Where to go to rest on the sea in January


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This is the most popular resort among Russians in winter. The flight here is not as long as to the countries of East Asia, the prices are reasonable, especially after the New Year holidays, a visa is not required. And in general, Egypt is perceived by Russian tourists as their own dacha, where you can relax cheaply and cheerfully. In January, the temperature here is quite comfortable, but strong winds are not uncommon, including near the coastline, so it is still worth stocking up with a sweatshirt or cardigan for evening walks.

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United Arab Emirates

Holidays in this country have become more affordable as many hotels have revised their pricing policy. In this regard, the flow of tourists from Russia to the UAE has grown, including in the winter. The climate here is largely reminiscent of the Egyptian, the flight is also not too tiring, and there is something to do in the United Arab Emirates. Another plus of the country is the high level of service and clean beaches.

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Southeast Asia

In the middle of winter, the most comfortable weather sets in here - it is not too hot yet, because with high humidity the temperature of 30 ° C is unbearable for many. Therefore, in January it is best to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Bali. Another popular destination in winter is Hainan Island in China. Incredibly beautiful, clean beaches and warm sea contribute to the development of this giant project of the Middle Kingdom to attract tourists.

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Goa and Sri Lanka

As in Southeast Asia in January, the temperature here is the most comfortable for Europeans. And if not everyone decides to go to the heart of India, then you can soak up the beaches of Goa in winter even with children, if, of course, you choose a decent hotel. As for Sri Lanka, here the conditions for relaxing at sea are even better and there is something to see.

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Western hemisphere

The most accessible for Russians in this part of the world are Cuba and Mexico, hotel accommodation here is inexpensive, and plane tickets are often sold at a discount. Of the more exotic countries in the Western Hemisphere, which are warm in January, you can name Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador. By the way, you can get there only if you have an air ticket, you do not need to apply for a visa.

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