What Is Interesting To See In Simferopol

What Is Interesting To See In Simferopol
What Is Interesting To See In Simferopol

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The city of Simferopol has its own history, cozy parks, interesting places and sights, like any city in Crimea. Vacationers most often know the capital of Crimea only from the train station. But there are many more places in the city that are worth visiting.

What is interesting to see in Simferopol
What is interesting to see in Simferopol


The ancient settlement of Naples-Scythian is located on Tarabukina Street. The exact time of the foundation of the city is unknown, but it is assumed that it reached its peak in the II century BC, and ceased to exist in the III century AD. Walking through the ancient city, you can see the remains of the defensive wall, the mausoleum, the remains of residential and public buildings, Greek inscriptions and the remains of frescoes. And also from this place an excellent view of the city and its surroundings opens. Naples-Scythian can be visited absolutely free on Tuesday from 18.00 to 20.00 and on Saturday from 12.00 to 14.00. The rest of the time, you have to pay a small entrance fee.

Central Museum of Taurida

This museum gives an overall impression of the history and nature of Crimea. The museum has permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. In the "Golden Pantry" of the museum, you can see the unique treasures of the Crimea, which will not leave anyone indifferent. The Tavrida Museum is located at 14 Gogol Street and pleases its visitors every day, except Tuesday.

Museum of the History of Electric Transport

The Historical Museum, dedicated to the history of the Simferopol tram and the Crimean trolleybus, is located at 78 Kievskaya Street. There are 3019 exhibits on 100 square meters, including unique ones. The museum will be happy to tell you about the appearance of the first tram, trolleybus, the construction of the world's only intercity mountain trolleybus route and many other interesting facts.

Botanical garden TNU

This garden is also called "Salgirka Park" and it is one of the largest parks in Simferopol. The garden is located on Yaltinskaya Street, 2. On 42 hectares there are collected birches, maples, pines, spruces, cedars, as well as several centuries-old oaks and a two-hundred-year-old London plane tree. Architectural buildings of the 18-19 centuries have been preserved on the territory of the garden. And, of course, must visit the arboretum: rose garden, iridarium, syringarium. On the territory of the park there is a house of original architecture - the Vorontsov house. A visit to the garden is absolutely free for everyone.

Children's park

There is a very interesting park between Schmidt Street and Kirov Avenue. It, like the botanical garden, is free for children and adults, and is planted with fruit and nut trees, as well as ornamental plants. The territory of the park is full of attractions, sculptures, corners of wildlife. Be sure to visit the Folk Tales Corner and the Mini Zoo.

Park of forged sculptures

The park settled in the Dybenko square near Sovetskaya Square. All sculptures were created by local blacksmiths and here you can see a motorcycle with wings, dragons, forged benches, and fabulous figures.

Simferopol reservoir

A little to the south of the city there is one of the largest artificial reservoirs of Crimea - the Simferopol reservoir. Locals are happy to use it for recreation and fishing. A city beach and a children's beach have been created on the left bank of the reservoir. The reservoir is artificially stocked with carp, crucian carp, pike perch, bream and pike. On the eastern shore of the "Simferopol Sea" there is an arboretum, where you can find both local and "non-Crimean" trees. The truth is now the arboretum is in disrepair.

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