How To Behave On An Airplane

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How To Behave On An Airplane
How To Behave On An Airplane
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Correct behavior of passengers on the plane will ensure the safety of the flight and the comfort of being on board. And although for many, flights are a lot of stress, you must try to remain calm and a correct attitude towards other passengers and flight attendants.

How to behave on an airplane
How to behave on an airplane


Step 1

Observe all safety precautions that flight attendants demonstrate before takeoff. Some passengers ignore this moment, and in a critical situation they do not know what to do, panicking and creating uncomfortable situations. It seems that precautions and emergency behavior will be useless if there is a real threat of a plane crash. But even such a situation as turbulence requires passengers to follow all instructions. You need to take your seat and buckle up. Indeed, if it enters the turbulence zone, the aircraft may not just shake, it may cause such vibration and swaying that an unfastened passenger will simply “fly” around the cabin.

Step 2

Follow the directions of the flight attendants and crew. If you are asked to turn off mobile phones and electronic devices during take-off and landing, this is done solely for the safety of the flight. After climbing, you can turn on laptops, tablets and e-books, but not go online.

Step 3

Do not inconvenience other passengers. The reclining of the seat back is often the reason for conflicts. Before doing this, ask the people sitting in the back if they mind. It happens that someone has children in their arms, someone uses a folding table for eating, and in some planes the seats are so close to each other that if the passenger sitting in front reclines the back, there will simply be no room behind to stretch out his legs. If you are traveling with children, at the front desk ask to be seated in the front seats.

Step 4

Limit your movements in the aircraft cabin. If you need to visit the washroom, do so at a time when the flight attendants are not delivering drinks and meals. Otherwise, queues often arise in the salon due to the fact that it is impossible to miss each other in a narrow corridor.

Step 5

Do not consume alcoholic beverages on board other than those suggested to you by the staff. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not make travel easier. You can just relax a little and dull the feeling of fear. But your body, on the contrary, will receive a double load. He is already experiencing serious overload and pressure and, in addition, will need to cope with alcohol in his blood. You can drink some of the red wine that will be offered to you, and leave spirits to mark the arrival on the ground.

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