Safe Air Travel Checklist During A Pandemic

Safe Air Travel Checklist During A Pandemic
Safe Air Travel Checklist During A Pandemic

Video: Safe Air Travel Checklist During A Pandemic

Video: Safe Air Travel Checklist During A Pandemic
Video: How Safe is Air Travel during a Pandemic? 2023, March

During the pandemic, the number of flights decreased significantly, but now air traffic between cities and countries has begun to improve. You are about to fly by plane. What to do to protect yourself and others?

Semi-empty aircraft cabin
Semi-empty aircraft cabin

Recently, the pandemic has greatly affected the air travel industry. This forced airlines and airports to introduce new security measures. Among them are the obligatory wearing of masks, measuring body temperature upon arrival at the airport, observing social distance. But only you can secure your flight as much as possible. Here are some simple tips to help you do this without compromising on comfort.

• Bring liquid hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and a supply of medical masks in your carry-on baggage. Masks will have to be changed during long flights, because each is recommended to be worn no more than two hours.

• Be sure to wipe your table with alcohol wipes before eating. Try not to put food on it without packaging. There are several times more bacteria on an airplane folding table than, for example, on a toilet flush button.

• Wipe down all surfaces that you will touch during the flight: armrests, buttons, porthole, ventilation hole above your head. Aircraft cabins are sanitized between flights. However, there is no 100% guarantee that every corner will be processed.

• To avoid touching the headrest with your head, put a jacket on it. You can also bring a small towel or napkin with you.

• Use an antiseptic on your hands more often, especially when eating.

• Check in for your flight online. If you fly without luggage, this will allow you to avoid the long queue at the check-in counter, as well as when collecting your luggage. You can print your boarding pass yourself at self-check-in kiosks. By the way, many airports have introduced a mobile boarding pass system.

• Try to less touch the various knobs and buttons in the cabin. Of course, this cannot be avoided, but it is possible to minimize it.

• A large number of different germs are concentrated on the toilet flush button. Try not to touch it with your bare hand. If you don't have gloves, you can use a piece of tissue paper.

• Try not to remove your mask in the salon. Of course, breathing in it for several hours is difficult, but you can endure for the sake of safety. Better to be safe than to treat the consequences later.

• Keep the air conditioner above your seat at least half open. The flow of air can blow germs off of you. After all, the air in the cabin is constantly circulating and renewing. Fresh air is taken from the engine air intakes and mixed with the cabin air, which is passed through the cleaning filters and fed back.

• If possible, walk less on the plane to avoid contact with other people.

I wish you health and pleasant flights!

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