How To Rent A House In Finland In

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How To Rent A House In Finland In
How To Rent A House In Finland In

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Video: How To Rent A House In Finland In
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A house in Finland can be rented through a real estate agency or on your own. Before arriving in the country, the chosen option should be booked. It is mandatory to sign a lease agreement, which is drawn up on the basis of local laws.

House in Finland
House in Finland

In Finland, housing is rented by municipalities, foundations, insurance companies, construction companies, private individuals and even banks. Most of the apartments and houses for rent are not for sale and are the result of private investment. This means that they were built without attracting government subsidies.

How to find the right property in Finland?

If you decide when visiting this country to stay not in a hotel, then you can use several methods to find accommodation. The easiest is to contact a travel agency for help. It will offer you a large number of options. In this case, you will need to pay a commission.

If you decide to find a cottage or apartment on your own, then you can use as sources of information:

- advertisements on the Internet, newspapers;

- in real estate firms;

- on the website of the selected municipality;

- on the websites of local banks and foundations.

What is required to successfully rent a home in Finland?

From the documents you will need a foreign passport and a Schengen visa. Without them, you will not be able to enter the country. Then book your chosen house. To do this, you will need to indicate the date of arrival and departure, the number of children and adults, your phone number by phone or on the website. Please note that minors are often discounted or may be completely free of charge. It depends on the age and number of children.

Reservations are guaranteed if you make a prepayment or full payment for the entire stay. The prepayment amount may vary depending on the length of the stay and how long before arrival you decide to book the house. After that, you will be sent information about the place, address, information on how to get to the cottage and rules of residence.

The house can accommodate as many people as the number of beds indicated in the regulations. Tents are generally not permitted on site.

Lease contract

The contract is drawn up in writing. Finland has a law that spells out all the rules. It applies to all rented properties, therefore, before drawing up a contract, you should familiarize yourself with the legal documents. The lease terms, conditions for receiving payment, reasons for termination of obligations are prescribed in the contract. Additionally, you will be asked to draw up an official paper, which will spell out the specifics of using and paying for electricity, telephone, pay TV and the Internet.

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