How To Develop A Tourist Route

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How To Develop A Tourist Route
How To Develop A Tourist Route

Video: How To Develop A Tourist Route

Video: How To Develop A Tourist Route
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Traveling with pre-packaged tour packages is an experience that can quickly get boring. After several trips, hotels, restaurants and beaches will all seem the same. An independently developed tourist route will give you much more impressions. Moreover, this is how you can discover the true beauty of your native land, as well as see the real life of other countries.

How to develop a tourist route
How to develop a tourist route

It is necessary

  • - the Internet;
  • - cards;
  • - route book.


Step 1

Decide on the direction of the route and the goals of the trip. You can cover the same path on foot or by different means of transport. When you start thinking about the route, take into account your financial and time resources, as well as the impressions that you would like to get as a result.

Step 2

Begin by identifying the starting point and ending point. Next, outline the main geographic points that you would like to capture. If you are going to travel by car or on foot, use the detailed map with which you can choose the best route.

Step 3

Go to the internet. The most interesting routes have probably already been covered by other tourists. Read their impressions on specialized forums, ask questions about difficulties and negative points. So you can adjust the stages of the upcoming path, as well as slightly modify its geography. It is advisable to post the developed route on the forums of independent travelers, and then experienced tourists will comment on it and give useful advice. The most famous of them are the Vinsky Forum and the Russian Backpacker.

Step 4

Try to find the best price offer for hotels, flights, restaurants, if we are talking about an overseas tour. Visit their websites and book directly. Today, you can save up to 70% of the cost of a trip to another country if you plan the route yourself. At the same time, you will get an unforgettable experience, and the very process of preparing for the trip will already be exciting. For example, use the largest booking portal

Step 5

If you are fond of sports tourism and are planning a trip to your native land, it is advisable to coordinate your trip with the itinerary qualification commission (ICC). This procedure is a must if you are going on an extreme or very difficult trip. Provide the ICC with cartographic material, a itinerary book, and confirmation that there are experienced tourists in your group. This organization will assess your strength, help with planning, warn about dangerous places, protected areas, safety precautions. The main advantage of such a step is that representatives of the IWC will control your passage of the route. In any accident, they will send EMERCOM employees to find or help your team.

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