What Documents Are Needed For A Finnish Visa

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What Documents Are Needed For A Finnish Visa
What Documents Are Needed For A Finnish Visa

Video: What Documents Are Needed For A Finnish Visa

Video: What Documents Are Needed For A Finnish Visa
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Finland belongs to the Schengen countries, so you need a Schengen visa to visit it. Since Russia and Finland have a common border, applicants from the northwestern regions receive an entry permit under simplified requirements. It is much easier for them to obtain a Finnish visa than any other country from Schengen. The following documents will be needed.

What documents are needed for a Finnish visa
What documents are needed for a Finnish visa


Step 1

Completed visa application form. The questionnaire can be filled in by hand, but it can also be completed online, directly on the website of the Finnish Foreign Ministry. Electronic questionnaires have an advantage over paper ones, as they are processed much faster. But they are not accepted in all visa centers, this point should be clarified separately. The application form may differ slightly depending on the region of filing. After filling in, a file with a bar code will be generated, which contains encrypted information about the applicant. The electronic application form and this file must be printed and signed. If you are filling out a paper questionnaire, you must also sign it. You need to submit documents no later than 2 weeks after filling out the questionnaire. The questionnaire is filled out in English. It is permissible to fill it in in Russian, but you need to use Latin letters.

Step 2

Color photograph 35 x 45 mm, against a light background, without a headdress. The face should cover 70% of the image area.

Step 3

International passport. Be careful, it must be valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the requested visa. The passport requires two pages for the visa sticker and border crossing stamps.

Step 4

Photocopies of all significant pages of the Russian passport. It is obligatory to have copies of pages about registration and with personal data.

Step 5

Confirmation of travel purposes. If you are traveling for tourist purposes, this can be a voucher or a package purchased from a travel agency. For those who go shopping, you need to show the route and the planned places of visit. If the purpose of the visit is to visit relatives or friends, then you need to show an invitation. It is drawn up in free form; it is not required to certify this document anywhere. You can receive an invitation by fax, e-mail or provide the original document. For independent travelers, you need to show hotel reservations.

Step 6

Insurance policy valid in all Schengen countries. The amount of coverage must be at least 30 thousand euros. The period of validity of the policy must start from the date of submission of documents. Be careful when choosing an insurance company: Finland does not approve of all of them. On the website of the country's Foreign Ministry there is a list of websites of accredited organizations. For a multiple entry visa, the policy must cover the first trip.

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