Interview Errors When Applying For A U.S. Visa

Interview Errors When Applying For A U.S. Visa
Interview Errors When Applying For A U.S. Visa

A United States tourist visa is not as difficult as it sounds. One of the defining stages is an interview with a visa officer at the consulate, where you need to avoid elementary mistakes.

Interview errors when applying for a U. S. visa
Interview errors when applying for a U. S. visa

So, you filled out the application, paid the consular fee, signed up for an interview on the official website, printed out the confirmation of the application, collected all additional documents. The next stage, which is usually feared, is the interview itself. If we are talking about a tourist visa, then the essence of the interview is to ensure that the consul sees you as an ordinary tourist who wants to see the sights of the country, and does not plan to illegally stay in their state. Consider the mistakes related to the interview.

1. Take the interview too seriously. You get nervous, don't sleep at night, drink valerian. All of these actions will not do you any good. In the end, this is hardly the main business of your life, and if you do not get a visa, the end of the world will not come. Take it easier, first of all convince yourself that you don't need a visa that much, there are quite a few visa-free countries in the world where you can go. Then you will have the appropriate “right” attitude.

2. On the contrary, they approached the question too lightly. You have not studied anything, have not read reviews on the Internet, have no idea what questions they may ask you, do not know that you cannot bring tablets, laptops, even headphones to the consulate. This can create additional inconveniences for you that could easily be avoided.

3. We arrived one hour before the appointed time. There is no benefit to this. And, if everything happens in winter, then you will also freeze, as one person is sent into the building at the appointed time. For each specific time, about 10 people gather, the order before entering the consulate is distributed among themselves. Whether you enter first or tenth in a row, visa approval will not be affected in any way, so it is enough to arrive in 10-15 minutes.

4. Took too many things with you. Bulky bags, suitcases, backpacks are best left somewhere else. Only telephones are accepted for storage.

5. Dress too brightly and defiantly. Neckline, very high heels, short skirts, and red lipstick will clearly not give you a better chance of getting a visa. Be more modest, dress in casual styles typical of America or Europe. For men, a classic suit is also not necessary at all, if it is not your daily wear.

6. Booked the hotel and bought tickets. Some "helping" agencies claim this is a must. In fact, this is not obligatory, on the contrary, even an undesirable action. More precisely, you can book anything, but presenting it to the officer in the window as confirmation is a big mistake.

7. Prepared too many "papers": certificates from work, proof of ownership of real estate, a car, shares, grandmother's jewelry, bank statements and other documents that should firmly bind you to your homeland. For greater importance, they were assured by a notary. This in itself is not a mistake, but rather a waste of time. The required documents indicated on the consulate website are only a passport and confirmation of the application form with a barcode. Old passports, a Russian passport (just in case) and perhaps a certificate from work will also not be superfluous. In the overwhelming majority of cases, additional documents are not asked, and if suddenly this is decisive, the consul will ask you to send them in electronic form.

8. Answer not the question posed, show certificates, documents and other papers when you are not asked. This is the most common mistake! For example, you are asked: "Purpose of the trip." Correct answer: "Tourism" (maximum you can say something like: "I dream of seeing New York"). It is categorically wrong: "I want to go to New York, but I have a husband, three children and a grandmother at home, and I have a good job, look at the certificate, I have already bought tickets, and there are also return tickets, look." Answer as accurately and concisely as possible, do not worry, if you need clarification, you will be asked.

9. Switch to English. Interviews are conducted in Russian by default. In cases where a person had a work visa or traveled under the Work and Travel program, the officer may offer to switch to English. For the "ordinary tourist", knowledge of the language is not required, and there is absolutely no need to demonstrate it.

10. You attach too much importance to marital status. There is an opinion that if a woman is divorced or not married, then the chances are very small by default, since she will certainly go to America for a new husband. This is not true. If you have a confirmed good salary and, most importantly, a lot of trips to other countries (preferably, not only Europe), then the probability of getting a visa is very high. Therefore, if, for example, you are in a dress or in the process of divorce, answer honestly.

11. Communicate in an overly casual manner. Do not confuse it with simplicity, free communication does not mean at all that you can communicate with the consul as with a school friend. If you are being seriously communicated with, don't make ridiculous jokes in order to defuse the situation. Of course, rudeness and disrespectful attitude towards a foreign country in the style of “I don’t need your America, I feel good at home” is completely unacceptable. Such behavior does not indicate a strong connection with the homeland, but a lack of upbringing.

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