How To Buy A Cheap Ticket

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How To Buy A Cheap Ticket
How To Buy A Cheap Ticket

Video: How To Buy A Cheap Ticket

Video: How To Buy A Cheap Ticket
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Today, rest abroad for residents of our country has become much more affordable than before. Nevertheless, some cannot afford expensive tours or simply want to save some extra money. For such people, there are several ways to buy a ticket for a cheaper price.

How to buy a cheap ticket
How to buy a cheap ticket


Step 1

The easiest way is to purchase the so-called "last minute" voucher. Travel agencies may offer this service for two reasons. Firstly, when the demand for their vouchers is much less than the supply. In order not to lose profits and not send unfilled planes, tour operators make a discount to attract customers. Second, when a tour is about to expire but most tickets are not sold out, agencies also offer last-minute deals.

Step 2

In order to purchase such a tour, you must have an already accumulated amount and a ready passport, since they appear literally a few days before departure, and there will not be enough time to accumulate funds and paperwork. You also need to closely monitor information about the promotions of various travel agencies via the Internet, or directly at the operator's office.

Step 3

Another way to get an inexpensive package is to travel off-season. So tours to hot countries in winter, when the influx of customers is not so large, is cheaper than in summer. This is also due to a drop in demand for services offered by operators: all people work, and they have no time to travel.

Step 4

Another way to get a cheap tour is to organize the trip yourself. The cost of the voucher offered to you by the travel agency includes:

- the cost of plane tickets;

- renting a hotel room;

- food;

- medical insurance;

- visa;

- transfer you from the airport to the hotel;

- excursions. For assistance in organizing each of these points, travel agencies take a percentage, which already increases the cost of the voucher. You can purchase plane tickets yourself via the Internet. It is cheaper to buy tickets for flights with transfers, only it is better to choose the time taking into account the waiting time at the airport so that you do not have to sit there for more than two to three hours.

Step 5

Rooms in hotels cost depending on their class, services offered, room size and location of the hotel. Don't chase after five-star hotels - the order of their assignment differs from country to country, and a four-to-five star hotel in Turkey will not match the same in France or Germany. It will be cheaper to rent a room in a hostel - this is a hostel-type room, but the quality of living there does not differ from that of a hotel, only you will have to cook food yourself in the kitchen, which is shared by several rooms. This way you can save on food too.

Step 6

By applying for health insurance and visas not through a travel agency, but on your own, you will be able to save almost half of the amount you would have spent. But of course, you will have to visit several institutions and take your time.

Step 7

To travel around the city you are going to, you can rent a car over the Internet. So you will spend less money than a taxi, and you can choose the routes yourself. It is better to rent a car in large cities, where the prices for them are lower, and the transport itself is of better quality.

Step 8

The excursions that will be offered to you at the travel agency can be ordered independently via the Internet or directly on the spot. This will also save you a significant amount of money.

Step 9

When going on a trip, take one of your friends with you - this way the road will be more fun, and you will spend less money, because all expenses will be divided in half.

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