What Is The Weather In Israel In Winter

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What Is The Weather In Israel In Winter
What Is The Weather In Israel In Winter

Video: What Is The Weather In Israel In Winter

Video: What Is The Weather In Israel In Winter
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Israel is perceived by many as a country of eternal warmth and sun, but the climate here is not so mild. Winter in Israel lasts from December to February, it is not characterized by extremely low temperatures, but there is a time when walking along the streets of cities is both dirty and slushy.

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Despite its small territorial area, according to weather conditions, the country is divided into nine climatic zones. There is a subtropical climate, and a desert, including a temperate one. Even being in its own climatic zone, weather conditions largely depend on the location of the area. These can be the northern high-mountainous regions or the southern ones located in the valleys.

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With all the variety of winter climates in Israel, only the Golan Heights and the town of Herman, located on the plateau of the same name, can boast of the presence of snow in winter, but it melts within a couple of days.

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On the coast of the Red and Dead Seas in winter it is quite crowded, tourists are happy to swim, since the temperature of the sea water even in winter is kept within 22 ° C. But the air can cool down to 5-11 ° C.

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Compared to other areas in northern Israel, the winter is cold, and according to the Israelis themselves, it is very cold. At night, the temperature can drop to 0 ° C, and during the day it does not rise above 10 ° C. There are even ski slopes in these places, the snow on them, of course, is artificial, but you can ski. Ice skating lovers will also like it in the north of the country in winter, because the ideal ice temperature is provided here for as long as 3 months.

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The winter climate in the Jerusalem Hills is very unpredictable. This is due to the fact that the border of two climatic zones passes through this territory, and the hills themselves are located at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level. At night, the temperament drops to minus 7оС, and in the daytime it ranges from 0 to 5оС. Precipitation falls in the form of rain, but only the sun comes out and it seems that spring has come.

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The most comfortable and sunny area is the south of Israel. The temperature never drops below 18 ° C, sometimes there is a light rain, but it does not spoil the impression of the beautiful weather. Here, to the south, in winter time, a lot of tourists arrive, who enjoy swimming in the Red Sea. However, you should not relax, because in the evening, after sunset, the air temperature can drop significantly. In addition, it will definitely pull from the sea with dampness, it feels like in the evening - no more than 17 ° C in December and up to 15 ° C in January.

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If you look at the winter months in Israel, December can be called the warmest, January is the coldest month, and February is the rainy one, it is a month with continuous rains and high humidity.

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