How To Get To Solovki

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How To Get To Solovki
How To Get To Solovki
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Solovki (Solovetsky Islands) are located on the territory of the historical and cultural region called the Russian North. This entire area is characterized by an unprecedented flavor and original architecture.

How to get to Solovki
How to get to Solovki

The Solovetsky Islands are located in the White Sea near the entrance to the Onega Bay. Administratively, Solovki belongs to the territory of the Arkhangelsk region, but it will be much easier to get to this place from Karelia. The area of ​​the Solovetsky archipelago is about 347 square kilometers, and the total number of islands included in it exceeds a hundred.

How to get to Solovki from Karelia

From the cities of Central Russia to the Solovetsky Islands can be reached through the city of Kem. In this small old town, which was the center of the legendary Kemsky volost, there is a railway station, where trains arrive from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. In short, you can get to Kem by any train that goes to Murmansk. Kem and Solovki are connected by water transport. Private boats and local shipping companies sail to the archipelago's attractions. But it is worth considering that motor ships leave for the Solovetsky Islands not from the city of Kem itself, but from the village of Rabocheostrovsk, where you can buy a ticket for the Vasily Kosyakov motor ship at a price of about 800 rubles for a one-way trip. Boats to Solovki go also from the city of Belomorsk, which is also in Karelia. In this case, the ticket will be 100-200 rubles more expensive, since the distance to Solovki is greater from here than from Rabocheostrovsk.

During summer navigation, the Solovetsky Islands can be reached even from Moscow. In this case, the ship moves along the Belomorkanal and on its way passes a lot of landscape places. The stop at Solovki lasts a day.

Air communication with the Solovetsky Islands

There is an airport on the territory of Bolshoy Solovetsky Island that can receive small planes. Air communication with Solovki is carried out from Arkhangelsk. You can fly from Vaskovo airport to the Solovetsky Islands on a small Czech plane L-410, and from another Arkhangelsk civil airport, Talagi, once a week you can fly to Solovki on An-2. It is worth noting that if you wish, you can go from Arkhangelsk to the Solovetsky Islands by boat.

When planning an independent visit to the Solovetsky Islands, you should know in advance about the upcoming weather. Storms here can last for several days and during the seas, communication with the mainland is interrupted.

The cost of tickets for a cruise liner on the Arkhangelsk-Solovki route will be about 8000-12000 rubles for a luxury cabin. But you can buy a ticket for cabins without berths. Its price for a one-way trip will be about 1,500 rubles.

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