How To Travel To Finland

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How To Travel To Finland
How To Travel To Finland

Video: How To Travel To Finland

Video: How To Travel To Finland
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Finland is an extraordinary country with not only a rich history and special traditions, but also beautiful nature, extraordinary architecture with many attractions and cultural centers. This country is very popular among tourists who like active rest.

How to travel to Finland
How to travel to Finland


Step 1

When going on a trip, decide whether you are flying by plane or going by car itself. It is easier to cross the border by plane, and by car you will not depend on anyone, you can drive through the checkpoints Nuyamaa-Brusnichnoe and Vaalimaa-Torfyanovka. The country has a visa, so you will have to take care of the registration of entry permits in advance. When traveling by car on your own at the border, you will have to present a foreign passport with a valid visa, documents for the car, a Greencard insurance policy and a Russian MTPL.

Step 2

It should be noted that Finland is famous for its forests, which are remarkable for their amazing cleanliness. The air here is fresh, clean, able to renew strength and charge with positive energy. And what wonderful lakes in this country are: the water here is clear, soothing, restoring harmony, which is so lacking in everyday life. Residents of the country care about the natural resources of their homeland, they do not allow littering, littering the atmosphere, and this is the key to the extraordinary beauty of which the Finns are so proud. Please note that if a local resident finds you in violation of public order or even just suspects of something illegal, he is unlikely to make a remark, but he will immediately call the police.

Step 3

It is not customary in the country to shout, talk loudly and … run. This is all for the rabble, well-mannered people are restrained and laconic, the Finns are sure of this.

Step 4

Finns rarely visit, they are not welcome to uninvited guests, so treat each invitation to the house as a real manifestation of friendliness and location. Do not be late, being late, even quite reasonable, is disrespect for partners.

Step 5

When choosing this country for a vacation, you should remember that it is quite cool here in winter, therefore, in order for your vacation to be comfortable, you need to take warm clothes with you. This precaution will help to quickly adapt to new climatic conditions.

Step 6

Finland is famous throughout the world for its famous fishing. Fishing here is not just a fish catch, but also a kind of ritual, which, as they say, ponders a lot and gains clarity of thought. Please note that fishing without a license is allowed in few places, most of the bodies of water are private.

Step 7

If you are lucky enough to get here during New Year's time, be sure to visit Helsinki. Throughout December, the capital turns into a fabulous city. At this time, a real festive atmosphere of magic will reign here. Many people all over the world dream of celebrating this holiday in this country, so you need to start booking tickets and places in hotels in June-July. Enterprising tourists also book places in cafes and restaurants, because there are a lot of holidays in December, and it is simply impossible to get into catering establishments.

Step 8

Travel cannot do without visiting cultural and entertainment centers, of which there are a large number in Finland. You can visit various museums, architectural monuments, ancient fortresses, numerous parks, attractions, gardens, as well as try local cuisine, do not neglect the services of a guide, the cost of an organized excursion is low, but the routes are very exciting!

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