How To Get To Croatia

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How To Get To Croatia
How To Get To Croatia

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Video: How To Get To Croatia
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Croatia is a country located on the northeastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, with a rich history and beautiful nature. You can get to it in different ways: by plane, by train or by car.

How to get to Croatia
How to get to Croatia

It is necessary

  • - visa;
  • - plane / train ticket;
  • - car.


Step 1

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Croatia is to travel by air, namely by plane. Aeroflot airplanes regularly fly from the capital to Croatia directly. In winter, the Moscow-Zagreb-Moscow flight is operated 4 times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Travel time is 2 hours 40 minutes.

In summer, Aeroflot operates 3 daily non-stop flights to Croatia: Moscow-Split-Moscow, Moscow-Dubrovnik-Moscow, Moscow-Zagreb-Moscow. Travel time to Split and Dubrovnik from the capital takes about 3 hours. The flight to Zagreb will last 2 hours and 40 minutes. Air carriers such as Austrian Airlines, Lufthasa, Alitalia, LOT, Czech Airlines provide flights from Russia to Croatia with transfers in Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, Milan, Warsaw, Prague.

You can also take advantage of charter flights. You can fly with such flights to the following cities in Croatia: Pula, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar. You can buy a ticket for charter flights only through travel companies.

Step 2

You can get to Croatia by train No. 15 "Moscow - Budapest", which departs from the Kievskiy railway station of the capital. The train, or rather a trailed carriage, follows to Zagreb (travel time - 50 hours 45 minutes), and then to Split (travel time - 60 hours 40 minutes). To travel, you must obtain a Hungarian transit Schengen visa.

Step 3

You can also get to Croatia by car. You can get there by one of the following routes: Belarus-Poland-Czech Republic-Austria-Slovenia-Croatia; Belarus-Poland-Slovakia-Hungary-Croatia; Ukraine-Hungary-Croatia. Choose the option that is more to your liking.

On the trip, take with you an international driver's license, technical passport of the car, "green card". All passengers will need to obtain a Schengen multivisa or transit visa for the country through which you will travel, and a Croatian visa.

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