Where To Fly Without A Visa

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Where To Fly Without A Visa
Where To Fly Without A Visa

Video: Where To Fly Without A Visa

Video: Where To Fly Without A Visa
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Obtaining a visa sometimes takes a lot of time and effort, which simply may not be. In order to quickly issue a ticket or just suddenly go on a trip, it is better to choose those countries for entry into which the citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a permit.

Where to fly without a visa
Where to fly without a visa


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A lot of visa-free countries for Russians are located in Asia. Up to two weeks, for example, you can safely relax without a visa in Laos, South Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Up to three weeks in the Philippines. And in Malaysia, Thailand and the Maldives without a visa, it is allowed to stay for a whole month. The rest of the Asian countries put the visa at the border. And Iran issues a visa only upon confirmation from the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

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Among European countries, a visa is not required from citizens of the Russian Federation Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia. And to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, you need an original invitation from a legal entity / individual or a travel agency voucher.

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Many countries in South America are also open to visa-free visits. Among them: Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Guyana and Peru. On the territory of these states, you can stay without a visa for 90 days.

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Up to three months, you can also freely stay in Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bahamas, Honduras, Guatemala. For a month without a visa, you can stay in Antigua and Barbuda, as well as in the Dominican Republic.

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Among African countries, visa-free travel is allowed to Swaziland, Botswana, Morocco, Namibia and the Seychelles. And only members of tourist groups are allowed to enter Tunisia without special permission if they have a voucher. The rest of the countries put a visa at the border.

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In addition, visa-free travel for Russians exists in Israel, Micronesia, Fiji. And in Turkey, a visa is put right at the airport. Also, you do not need a visa to enter most of the countries of the former CIS: Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. In Georgia, a visa is placed at the border - a transit visa for 3 days, and a tourist visa for 30 days.

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