What Documents Are Needed To Obtain A Finnish Visa

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What Documents Are Needed To Obtain A Finnish Visa
What Documents Are Needed To Obtain A Finnish Visa
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The Finnish visa belongs to the Schengen category, but it is much easier for residents of the north-western regions of Russia to obtain it than any other Schengen visas, since they have a simplified procedure. The rest will have to collect the usual package of documents.

What documents are needed to obtain a Finnish visa
What documents are needed to obtain a Finnish visa


Step 1

Passport, which will be valid for another three months after the end of the visa you requested. The passport must contain at least two blank pages.

Step 2

Copies of pages from the internal passport containing personal data and registration information. You need to take your passport with you when you go to submit your documents. If you live in St. Petersburg, registration or registration in this city is an important condition. If it is absent, you will need to provide additional documents, for example, an account statement or a certificate from work. Those residents of St. Petersburg who have a residence permit do not require these documents.

Step 3

Application form, completed and signed. You can fill out a questionnaire online, such applications are processed much faster than paper ones. Be careful when filling out the questionnaire, as Finland may apply for a visa if the questionnaire was prepared carelessly or the answers contain errors.

Step 4

Photo 35 x 45 mm, made on a light solid background, without frames, corners or ovals.

Step 5

Confirmation of the purpose of the trip. If you are traveling for tourist purposes, then this should be hotel reservations for the entire duration of your stay in the country. You can ask the hotel to send you a fax from there, or you can print your reservations from the Internet. Those who bought the tour must show a voucher from the travel company.

Step 6

If you are visiting, you need to attach an invitation from a private person. It is drawn up in free form, but the document must contain information about the host, as well as the timing and purpose of your visit. The relationship between the inviter and the invitee should be clarified. You can even show an invitation sent by e-mail.

Step 7

For those who go shopping, you need to attach tickets and an approximate route of stay in the country. The purpose of the trip is described on a separate sheet. The language can be Russian, Finnish or English.

Step 8

Medical insurance policy. Finland has quite strict requirements for insurance companies, so it is better to check on the embassy's website which documents will be accepted at the embassy. Policies from companies not listed on the site are not considered. The period of validity of the policy must start from the date of submission of documents. The amount of coverage is at least 30 thousand euros.

Step 9

A work certificate and account statement, which are usually requested for other Schengen visas, are not always needed for the Finnish Embassy. It is best to ask separately whether you should prepare these documents. If you confirm that you have sufficient financial resources, then they must be at least 30 euros per person per day.

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