How To Fill Out A Visa In Hurghada

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How To Fill Out A Visa In Hurghada
How To Fill Out A Visa In Hurghada
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The first trip to another country or the first trip to Egypt turns into several mandatory actions for tourists, for example, buying, filling out a visa, going through passport control.

How to fill out a visa in Hurghada
How to fill out a visa in Hurghada


Step 1

There is nothing you need to do to get your visa before traveling to Egypt. You can get a visa in Hurghada only by paying $ 25 for 1 person. This cost of a visa to Egypt has been established since May 1, 2014, instead of the old price of $ 15. However, be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay $ 30 for 1 visa if you buy it not from a bank, but from representatives of your travel agency, who make such a "small" markup.

Step 2

When you arrive at the airport, you must do the following. First, take a queue at your reception desk to hand over your travel voucher and receive your migration card. Secondly, you need to purchase a visa. If you are flying alone, you can stay in line and buy a visa with a surcharge from a travel agency representative, but if you come on vacation with friends or family, you can send someone to the bank where you will get a visa, and you can also exchange dollars for local currency. The bank is located to the right of the airport entrance as viewed from the check-in counter.

Step 3

After registration at the counter, you will be given your passport with a glued visa and a migration card for each person. You need to enter your information on this card. Remember that it is best to fill in the entire map in block letters so that later you do not have to rewrite the data due to your illegible handwriting. First, there is a column on the card "FAMILY NAME (CAPITAL LETTER)": here you need to enter your surname as it is written in your passport. The second column "FORE NAME" is your name, it must be entered in the same way as indicated in the passport. "DATE ​​& PLACE OF BIRTH" means the date and place of birth. Indicate the day, month and year of your birth between the slashes, and just below write β€œRussia” if you were born in Russia or the country where you were born in English. It is not necessary to explain in which city, region you were born.

Step 4

Further in the map follows the item "NATIONALITY". Here Russians can simply indicate "Rus". "PASSPORT NUMBER & TYPE", which means the series and number of the passport. Your series and number of your foreign passport are indicated on the second page, where your photo is, in the upper right corner. In the next field "ADDRESS IN EGYPT" enter the name of the hotel you are traveling to. "PURPOSE OF ARRIVAL" suggests a check in the field of the purpose of your visit, check "tourism". If you have children who are written off in your passport, then write the last name, first name and date of birth in the "ACCOMPANIED ON THE PASSPORT & DATE & BIRTH" field.

Step 5

The rest of the fields can be left blank, this information is not required to obtain a visa. Then, with a completed card and a visa glued to your passport, you can go to passport control, where your migration card will be taken away from you. All that remains is to get your luggage, find out your bus number and go on a wonderful vacation near the shores of the Red Sea.

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