Travel Rules For Minors

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Travel Rules For Minors
Travel Rules For Minors
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It's great when adults and children have the opportunity to travel the world, visit relatives abroad or travel to international resorts. If a minor family member is traveling with you across the border, you will need additional certificates and documents confirming your right to accompany the child or his right to travel independently.

Travel rules for minors
Travel rules for minors

What documents will be required for a minor traveling with adults

According to article 6 of the federal law No. 114 "On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation", entry and exit of citizens, regardless of age, are carried out in the presence of identity documents. Therefore, you need to issue a passport for the child in advance, since the passports of the parents, even if it is entered in them, are only confirmation of kinship and the child is not allowed to leave with them. In the event that the child is entered in the parents' passport, a photograph of the minor must also be pasted into it, regardless of how old he is.

In addition to his own passport, the child must also have a document confirming the relationship. If he goes on a trip with his parents, in addition to the entry in their passports, a birth certificate serves as a document confirming the relationship. When traveling with other adults - guardians, adoptive parents or guardians - the child must have a certificate of guardianship. If the child's parents have different surnames, a notarized copy of the marriage certificate is required.

When leaving the Russian Federation with only one of the parents, consent from the other parent is not required for this trip, but in many countries where you enter, this consent may be required without fail. In the event that this consent is not possible to obtain, you must have a document confirming this. Such documents include a certificate in form 25 issued by the registry offices about the absence of a father, a death certificate of one of the parents, a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs that it is impossible to determine the place of residence of the second parent.

If the child is not traveling with their parents or guardians, they will be required to give formal consent, which indicates the name of the accompanying person. Such consent must be completed on behalf of each parent or guardian.

If a minor leaves on his own

In the event that a minor travels without an accompanying person, he will need a passport, a copy of a birth certificate certified by a notary and the official consent of both parents, which must indicate the date of departure and the state where the child is going. Parents often issue such consent, even if their child is traveling with adults, it is more convenient when he travels constantly. But it should be borne in mind that in this case, the responsibility for a minor citizen falls entirely on him.

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