How To Extend A Schengen Visa

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How To Extend A Schengen Visa
How To Extend A Schengen Visa
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The trip does not always go according to the plan. Force majeure is always unpleasant, and if it threatens to violate the visa legislation, then it is doubly unpleasant. If you find a similar situation on the territory of the Schengen Agreement, then it will not be very easy to extend your visa.

How to extend a Schengen visa
How to extend a Schengen visa


Step 1

Find out which body in this country is competent for the extension of visas to foreigners. Typically, the services of an agency that has jurisdiction over citizenship and migration issues is required. Find out the rules for applying there, reception days and hours, the possibility of submitting an application via the Internet. Consider your visa carefully. Specify what type it belongs to, and how much time you have left to legalize your stay in the country.

Step 2

Determine which group of reasons yours belongs to. Force majeure is insurmountable obstacles over which you have no strength. These include natural disasters, all types of disasters, accidents and diseases. You can also stay on the territory of the Schengen Union for serious personal reasons, for example, due to the birth of a baby, death of loved ones, for political or religious reasons, or for business interests. In the first case, the extension of the visa will be done free of charge, and in the second it will cost 30 euros.

Step 3

Collect as many documents as possible that confirm your extraordinary circumstances. If you are detained at the airport, ask for a certificate. If your health has been harmed, take an extract from the hospital. The same applies to personal circumstances: they need to be confirmed.

Step 4

Submit your application to the competent authority for a visa extension. Along with the request, please provide your passport with a valid visa and all collected documents about your situation. You will receive an answer depending on the urgency of the situation. But usually the decision is made no more than 10 days in advance. In this case, the type and area of ​​validity of the visa does not change, unless there is a special decision of the competent authority.

Step 5

Another option is to apply for a new visa. It is important that the dates of the old and new residence permits do not overlap, but go strictly one after the other. Schengen rules allow entry with one visa and exit with another.

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