How To Get Latvian Citizenship

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How To Get Latvian Citizenship
How To Get Latvian Citizenship
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Latvia is a member of the Schengen Agreement. If you want to become a citizen of this country, you will first need to obtain a residence permit. This can be done by registering a company, buying a business and (or) becoming the owner of real estate.

How to get Latvian citizenship
How to get Latvian citizenship

It is necessary

  • - get a residence permit;
  • - pass exams;
  • - prepare documents;
  • - renounce previous citizenship;
  • - apply for citizenship.


Step 1

Register a company in Latvia and contribute at least 35,500 euros to the equity capital of the company. This amount is required to obtain a residence permit. On this basis, obtain a one-year visa. Renew it after a year, and then apply for a residence permit.

Step 2

However, keep in mind that your business must operate. Otherwise, your application for renewal of your residence permit will be refused. Since 2010, Latvian legislation has abolished the need to settle, that is, you do not have to stay in the country for more than 180 days annually. It is enough for businessmen to come once a year to renew the card.

Step 3

Buy an apartment or house in Latvia. In May 2010, the President of the country approved amendments to the immigration law and allowed the issuance of a residence permit to foreigners who bought real estate worth at least 141,000 euros in Riga and at least 71,000 euros outside of it. Payments must be made on a non-cash basis.

Step 4

The processing time for your application for a residence permit will be approximately 90 days. Having received it, you will have to stay in the country for at least 180 days a year. Otherwise, it may be canceled.

Step 5

5 years after receiving a residence permit, you will need to pass exams. Then you can apply for citizenship through naturalization. Confirm your knowledge of the Latvian language, the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, its history and the text of the national anthem. Sign your pledge of allegiance to your country.

Step 6

Prepare the required papers. This is a document with a personal code confirming residence in Latvia for 5 years before the date of application, a document confirming the legal source of income, a receipt for payment of the state fee (20 lats), a passport and 3 photographs (3 X 4), a child's birth certificate (if you have children under 15). Remember that when you receive Latvian citizenship, you will need to renounce the previous one!

Step 7

Collect all the documents and take them to the local office of the Naturalization Office in your place of residence.

Step 8

After you receive citizenship, you will receive an extract from the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia. It is a document confirming your citizenship and entitles you to obtain a Latvian citizen's passport.

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