How To Get A Visa By Invitation

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How To Get A Visa By Invitation
How To Get A Visa By Invitation
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Obtaining an invitation visa is not easy. But if there are relatives or friends abroad, then you can facilitate and speed up the process of obtaining a visa if you have a full package of documents.

Visa application
Visa application

The time for vacations has come, as always, imperceptibly, and therefore it is necessary not only to pack your suitcases, but also to acquire all the necessary documents, that is, vouchers and visas. If you have relatives or friends abroad, the easiest way to go on vacation is by invitation.

What is a visa invitation or invitation visa?

The invitation is issued by a citizen or resident of the country with a permanent residence permit, who is a relative or friend of the traveler. The person who sends the invitation must assume all responsibility, including financial, during the visit of the invited tourist.

This invitation is official. It is signed by a foreign citizen and notarized. The text of the invitation indicates the personal relationship with the guest and the purpose of the visit. The invitation serves as a guarantee that the guest will be provided with accommodation during the entire stay.

How to get a visa by invitation?

To receive and issue a visa invitation, for example, to the Czech Republic with a guest's stay of up to 90 days, you will need the following package of documents:

1. International passport (photocopy and original).

2. One color photo 3.5 X 4.0 cm.

3. Application form, which can be obtained free of charge at the consulate (4 pages). It must be filled in with Latin capital letters.

4. Insurance policy, the minimum amount of which is 30 thousand euros, valid on the territory of the European Union.

5. Copies of passport pages with photo and registration.

6. Invitation (original), notarized or certified by the Police Department for Foreigners in the Czech Republic. It must be issued no earlier than six months before the expected time of submission of documents to the consulate.

7. Booking tickets indicating the exact date of entry and exit from the country.

8. Visa fee, the cost of which is 35 euros or 70 euros for express services.

Basic conditions for obtaining a visa invitation

According to its validity period, the passport should be no more than ten years. It must contain at least 2 blank pages. And also the expiration of the passport itself must be at least three months longer than the period when the visa ends.

The package of documents, as well as their copies, which were sent to the consulate by e-mail or fax, are for information only. At the time of application, the tourist is obliged to submit all documents to the consulate.

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