How To Get Portuguese Citizenship: Choosing The Right Option

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How To Get Portuguese Citizenship: Choosing The Right Option
How To Get Portuguese Citizenship: Choosing The Right Option

Video: How To Get Portuguese Citizenship: Choosing The Right Option

Video: How To Get Portuguese Citizenship: Choosing The Right Option
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The possibility of obtaining Portuguese citizenship is due to an international agreement between our countries. A Russian can acquire dual citizenship, having received a second in Portugal, permanently or temporarily live wherever he wishes - in Russia or in the European Union.

How to get Portuguese citizenship: choosing the right option
How to get Portuguese citizenship: choosing the right option

Benefits of Portuguese Citizenship

The Portuguese Republic is a sunny country with a mild Central Asian climate. It is very attractive to many people from different parts of the world, who prefer to spend the entire summer period on the seashore, enjoying the beauty of nature and taking care of their health. In the south and west, the land of the republic is washed by the waters of the Atlantic. The warm climate of the country is favorable and especially recommended for people susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system.

In order to have the possibility of circular migration, if you want to move your place of residence from one country to another, it is best for a Russian citizen to obtain dual citizenship. It is also expedient from an economic point of view. After all, the European passport of Portugal gives great freedom of movement in the territory of the EU countries and the whole world.

The desire to test oneself in working abroad, see the world and make good money is another factor that stimulates migration and obtaining Portuguese citizenship. Moreover, the variety of training programs that exist in advanced Europe, the possibility of obtaining good qualifications abroad attract young people from the CIS countries.

An honorable additional right to be a citizen of the European Union

Portugal since 1986 is one of the 27 countries of the European Union. And, as you know, the criteria for joining the EU for countries are:

  • the existence of democratic principles in society, priority in the observance of the rights of citizens,
  • a strong legislative system of the state, capable of protecting against any arbitrariness of the authorities,
  • highly developed competitive market economy of the country.

Many people dream of living in this prosperous country. Citizens of the richest countries of the European Union, such as Finland, Sweden, especially our former compatriots, prefer to live in Portugal for some time of the year. After all, food prices are much lower here, and the number of sunny days makes up for the lack of rays of their harsh climate.

One of the options for obtaining the right to be part of the European Union is to acquire Portuguese citizenship. Russians with high material wealth, in order to realize their life and career plans, also strive to the eurozone, acquire dual citizenship - they receive a second one in Portugal.

Member states of the European Union use a unified passport design, with burgundy cover. On the back of the passport of any EU country, there is an inscription European Union. With a Portuguese passport, you can live and work in any of the 27 EU countries, visit the Schengen countries, as well as others - visa-free entry is allowed to most countries of the world (to 180 countries).


How to get Portuguese citizenship

The Portuguese Republic is parliamentary-presidential, like Russia. Only in the Russian Federation is the federal structure of the republic, and Portugal is divided into 18 districts (distrita), earlier they were called provinces and retain their historical names.

The Russian-speaking population is concentrated mainly in large districts of the same name with the names of cities - such as Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro - where there are more opportunities for formation and development.

The official Portuguese language in the country greatly complicates immigration. The services of various international companies allow you to obtain Portuguese citizenship on favorable terms and eliminate any unfavorable risks associated with not knowing the state language of the country.

First you need to obtain a visa for entry: tourist, business, private or work. There are many different types of them. In specialized companies that are easy to find on the Internet, you can arrange services for obtaining an entry visa, paying fees and others, also of informational nature in the field of investment citizenship.

The estimated number of the Russian-speaking diaspora in Portugal is more than 150 thousand people. The assimilation of the Russian-speaking population is facilitated by the demographic policy of this state. Since the fall of 2017, for the first time in the country's history, several public schools in Portugal have begun teaching Russian as a second foreign language. The government has opened free schools for learning Portuguese as well.

Those who are determined to stay in Portugal for a long time should be sure to learn Portuguese in order to take a language proficiency test to obtain permanent residence and citizenship. In either case, an A2 level certificate is required, confirming the basic Portuguese language.

Conditions for obtaining Portuguese citizenship

Each state of the eurozone provides its own conditions for obtaining citizenship, where the first step is to obtain a residence permit. In some of them, the conditions for obtaining a residence permit are more loyal, in others - less. In Portugal, according to many expert estimates, one of the most loyal options operates.

The issuance of a residence permit in any country means that the immigrant lives in the territory of this country for the main time - becomes a resident, but trips abroad are not prohibited if they last no more than 90 days a year. The residence permit has a definite period of validity and is renewed several times within 5 years.

According to the usual scheme, if a participant confirms his residence (permanent) in Portugal, after 5 years he will be issued permanent residence. This transition occurs almost automatically, it requires a minimum set of confirmation documents. After 1 year, residents (people with a residence permit) can apply for citizenship.

According to the classical schemes, the ways of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal are study or an employment contract, marriage and family reunification. But the most advanced scheme is obtaining a residence permit by investment under the "Gold Star" program.

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