Does It Make Sense To Fly To Turkey In The 2nd Half Of November

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Does It Make Sense To Fly To Turkey In The 2nd Half Of November
Does It Make Sense To Fly To Turkey In The 2nd Half Of November

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Video: Does It Make Sense To Fly To Turkey In The 2nd Half Of November
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Turkey in November is not like that sunny hot country that opens its hospitable arms in the summer. The tourist season ends, it gets noticeably colder, the sea no longer beckons with its warm wave as before. Despite the fact that the weather takes on a distinct winter tint, Turkey can pleasantly surprise visiting tourists even in the last days of autumn.

Does it make sense to fly to Turkey in the 2nd half of November
Does it make sense to fly to Turkey in the 2nd half of November

Turkey in November resembles a tired man who ran an athletic cross for a long time and finally reached the finish line. The country is freed from millions of tourists, forty-degree heat, hundreds of aircraft. The time is coming for another Turkey - sedate, fresh, incredibly peaceful.

For those looking for calmness and coolness

If we talk about whether it is worth flying to Turkey in the second half of November, then many tourists are unanimous in the opinion that yes. It's worth the trip, because autumn Turkey is charming in its own way. The temperature at this time of the year can reach 23 ° C during the day, and the water in the sea is still warm. Some tourists bask in the coastal waves, others bask in the autumn sun next to the heated pools.

Each tourist will find for himself exactly the place where he will be most comfortable. For example, in Alanya and Side at this time it is still very warm. The sun is more active there, there is less rain. But in mountainous areas such as Kemer, it is cool. Beach vacation there will no longer succeed, only sightseeing.

Autumn holidays are characterized by calmness and silence. Here you can take a break from the bustle of the city, people, be alone with your loved ones. Endless evening walks along the embankments, what could be more romantic? And also leisurely shopping, spa treatments, delicious dinners in cozy restaurants. Grace, and nothing more.

Autumn is the time for excursions

The measured rhythm of life in Turkey in November allows you to see the many attractions that this amazing country is rich in without the rush inherent in the summer months. Examine the ruins of ancient cities, see historical monuments, visit numerous museums, travel around the embankments by car - all this can be done slowly, without the crowds and fear of burning out under the scorching sun. Just a trip to Pamukkale or Cappadocia at this time of year can be a lasting experience.

Those who like to wander the narrow streets, inhaling the smell of antiquity, should visit Istanbul. In autumn, this city looks very colorful. Hundreds of historical sites are open to tourists all year round, so those who are vacationing in the capital of the Ottoman Empire in November will have an excellent opportunity to learn as much as possible about the country that so hospitably welcomes residents of different countries of the world. In numerous deserted bazaars, you can bargain for hours with local vendors. Snatching something for next to nothing at the very end of the season is easy.

Turkish Holidays

We remember our holidays in Turkey with large-scale holidays celebrated by locals in the last month of autumn. The Day of Remembrance of the first President of the Republic of Turkey Avaturk is celebrated in the middle of the month. On November 10, 1938, at nine o'clock and five minutes, he passed away. Since then, every year at exactly this time in Turkey, there has been a minute of silence. The country freezes for exactly 60 seconds, bowing its head. In honor of the former president, various events and large-scale concerts are held in cities and villages.

The most exciting and mystical holiday is considered the first day of the sacred lunar month of Muharram-ul Haram. For a whole month following the holiday, the Turks lead an idle lifestyle, smile a lot, feast. They say that as you spend this month, the rest of the year will pass.

On November 24, another religious holiday is celebrated - the tenth night of the lunar holy month of Hijri Muharram al Haram. According to the Qur'an, it was on this day that the heavens, the Earth, the angels and the first man were created.

All holidays in this country are celebrated on a large scale, bright, enchanting. That is why tourists are advised not only to observe, but also to participate in events dedicated to these dates.

November is the month of fruit ripening

Among other things, by November, the ripening season for a variety of fruits begins in Turkey. Ripe, juicy, sweet peaches, bananas, pomegranates, oranges, tangerines are sold on every corner for a very low price.

Low prices for everything

Popular resorts, teeming with tourists in bathing, seem to freeze in the fall from summer fatigue. The country "goes" on vacation, freeing itself from tens of thousands of visitors.

Although most hotels are closed for the winter, there are hotels that are open all year round. Since the flow of tourists is weakening at this time, hotels are reducing prices for their services. The low prices that even the most luxurious hotels offer lure a considerable number of guests. In addition, the service, living conditions and, most importantly, the picturesque nature remain at the same high level as in the summer months. There are hotels that are full throughout the winter.

Even in autumn, Turkey can offer its guests an unforgettable vacation and a lot of pleasant experiences. Therefore, when deciding where to go to rest in the fall, it is worth trying to opt for this wonderful country.

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