Resorts Of Bulgaria: What To Choose

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Resorts Of Bulgaria: What To Choose
Resorts Of Bulgaria: What To Choose

Video: Resorts Of Bulgaria: What To Choose

Video: Resorts Of Bulgaria: What To Choose
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Since Soviet times, Bulgaria has been a favorite (and, by the way, almost the only one available from abroad) vacation spots for Russian tourists. Now you can easily travel around the world, but Bulgaria is still very much loved.

Resorts of Bulgaria: what to choose
Resorts of Bulgaria: what to choose

The magnificent climate, sea and sun, many healing springs - all this attracts vacationers to Bulgaria. There are many resorts in Bulgaria, so you can choose the one that you like best for one or another parameter. When making a decision, first of all, you need to know the composition of the travel team - after all, for each age category there are resorts that are more suitable.

For the young and cheerful

If we talk about young people who love noise and discos, they will like the famous Sunny Beach, as well as Varna and Kiten (the latter two are not so famous, but they are just as interesting).

Many hotels in Sunny Beach are located right on the beach, so you can literally swim without leaving your home. All three resorts are distinguished by relatively low prices and a huge number of large and small cafes and discos - the nightlife here is no less vibrant than the daytime.

Among the hotels, you can easily find an inexpensive option - this is very important for students. In Varna, you can look at advertisements for renting housing from the private sector - the cheapest and most convenient option for cheerful young people who are not sensitive to amenities.

Children and the sea

A family with children can also stay in one of the hotels in Sunny Beach, but you just need to find one with a smaller cafe nearby. There are playgrounds everywhere, and high-end hotels have wonderful family suites.

Children and their parents will also like Golden Sands with a wide beach area, shallow sea and a gentle bottom. All the beaches have mineral water. In addition, the hotels have animators who will entertain the children from morning to evening, giving the parents an opportunity to relax.

You can go to rest in Albena, where there is only one disco, which means that it will be quiet at night. In the afternoon, the children will happily frolic in Luna Park.

Kind with healthy

Elderly people are more suitable for resorts where you can combine relaxation with treatment. There are many balneological resorts in Bulgaria on the West Coast. For example, this is Kyustendil, which has been known for its sources since ancient Roman times. Rest in Sapareva Banya will also leave wonderful memories, where there is an amazing geyser that explodes with a fountain every 20 seconds. At the Hisar resort, as many as 22 thermal springs will help to improve your health.

However, many of those who have been to Bulgaria claim that it is good at any resort there. The main thing is not to forget to bring a swimsuit and a good mood.

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