Price For Holidays In Bulgaria

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Price For Holidays In Bulgaria
Price For Holidays In Bulgaria

Video: Price For Holidays In Bulgaria

Video: Price For Holidays In Bulgaria
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Bulgaria is a country that receives tourists all year round. In winter they go there to go skiing, in summer to lie on the warm sand and swim in the sea. In 2016 Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations for Russians. This is a budget opportunity to relax with the whole family. The price for holidays in Bulgaria in 2016 is much lower than in Spain, Goa or Tunisia.

Price for holidays in Bulgaria 2016
Price for holidays in Bulgaria 2016

Where to go to Bulgaria in summer

The beach season in Bulgaria starts from June. The hottest months are July and August, but this is not a scorching heat, the temperature is kept in the region of 26-28 degrees Celsius and, with sufficient humidity, it does not seem burdensome.

There are several places worth visiting. You can get to them using one of the 4 airports. All of them are famous for their sandy beaches, interesting historical monuments and decent infrastructure.

The price of Golden Sands in 2016

Golden Sands is the most popular resort in Bulgaria. It is famous for its sandy beaches, 3.5 km of coastline is ideally suited to accommodate tourists. More than 50 hotels invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of the place. The nearest large city is Varna.

The minimum cost of living in a 3-star hotel in this area will cost 16 thousand rubles with early booking. You need to book a room in advance - a couple of months in advance. This is the price per person in June when staying in a double room for seven days.

The price for July varies from 21 thousand per person to 75 thousand. And only some hotels operate on the "all inclusive" system. Usually the indicated amount includes flight, accommodation and breakfast. You will have to take care of additional meals and excursions yourself. Their cost is lower. And you also need to apply for a visa.

Price for Sunny Beach 2016

Sunny Beach is the largest resort in Bulgaria. Sand dunes on the coast, fine sand and excellent service are ideal for relaxing. Here you can stay with children, go only together, or even a group of friends. The variety of entertainment on the coast will not let you get bored.

More than 150 hotels offer different prices. A voucher to a two-star hotel can cost from 17 thousand per person. In a 4-star hotel - from 32 thousand. But do not forget about the last minute deals to Bulgaria, they will allow you to save money. The highest prices are at the border of July and August, when the sea temperature approaches 26 degrees. It will be possible to get to the resort at this time for 14 days for at least 70 thousand rubles per person.

The cost of food in Bulgaria in 2016

Meals at the hotel will cost $ 10-15 in 2016 for lunch and dinner, if you do not choose anything too sophisticated. The cost of lunch starts at $ 4, while dinner is almost 2 times more expensive. But you can save on food if you go outside the territory of residence. A cafe on the beach will offer a set lunch for $ 3-5, and dinner for $ 5-15.

Wines are presented in a variety, but their cost starts from $ 2. The price in each cafe is unique, you must familiarize yourself with the menu in advance.

You can also eat in cafes that are not organized for tourists. There are such in every town, but they can be removed from the beach. In this case, you should not count on the "buffet". Today in Bulgaria only a few hotels offer this service.

Price for excursions and entertainment in Bulgaria 2016

There is a lot of entertainment on the Bulgarian coast: from attractions to exciting excursions. Many of them are in Russian. Representatives of the tour operator offer such trips more often, their cost starts from $ 10. Of course, the price depends on the duration of the event, the distance from the place of rest and the program. But a similar tour can be purchased for the territory of the hotel for 20-30% cheaper.

The price for holidays in Bulgaria 2016 is not high. Compared to other European resorts, it is affordable. But you need to remember that in addition to the voucher per person, you need at least $ 20 per day to have enough for decent food and entertainment.

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