What To See In Singapore

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What To See In Singapore
What To See In Singapore

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Video: What To See In Singapore
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Singapore attracts a huge number of tourists every year. And all thanks to the combination of European comfort and oriental traditions. There are many places to see in this city-state.

What to see in Singapore
What to see in Singapore


Merlion is the symbol of Singapore and is located in the city center. This is a monument-fountain in the form of a mythical creature with the body of a fish and the head of a lion. The name "Singapore" just means "city of the lion."

Ferris wheel

The Singapore Flyer is a landmark in Singapore, it is a giant Ferris wheel. It is 30 meters taller than the London Eye, a famous attraction in London. In the wheel of 28 passenger cabins, the view is simply magnificent: a panorama of Singapore, the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. The duration of such a mesmerizing journey is half an hour.

Universal park

On Sentosa Island there is an amusement park from Universal Studios. This is a great vacation spot with 24 attractions. The territory of Universal Park is divided into seven thematic zones: you can visit the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard (of course, not the real one), go shopping in the shopping area, admire the Steven Spielberg show, ride a roller coaster and visit other equally fascinating places.


The Marine Life Park Oceanarium is rightfully called the largest in the world, and it is not for nothing that it is considered one of the main attractions of Singapore. More than one hundred thousand marine life can be seen there. In addition to educational excursions, you can have fun in Adventure Cove Waterpark - this is a large amusement park on the water with six water slides, attractions "blue water bay" and "adventure river", hydro-magnetic rockets.

Fountain of Wealth

Next to the Suntec City Shopping Center in downtown Singapore, there is the Fountain of Wealth - the largest in the world. It was built according to the rules of feng shui. It is a bronze ring that is raised above the ground by four bronze legs. This is a real personification of harmony, spiritual unity, wealth. In the evening, the fountain pleases with cheerful music with a laser show.

Bird park

The bird park is located on the western slope of Jurong Hill. About six hundred species of birds live there, for each species a native habitat has been recreated.

Ethnic neighborhoods

These quarters were created for the convenience of migrating people. For example, in Chaytown, you can seem to be in medieval China. Here you can buy inexpensive souvenirs, see Sri Mariamman - an ancient Indian temple. The Little India region in Singapore is striking in its vibrant beauty. A jewelry store, an Indian bazaar, the temples of Srinivasa Perumal and Verama Kaliaman - all this is interesting for tourists. On Arab Street, you can buy jewelry, silks, hats at competitive prices, as well as taste delicious traditional Arab cuisine.

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