Where Is It Warm In May

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Where Is It Warm In May
Where Is It Warm In May

Video: Where Is It Warm In May

Video: Where Is It Warm In May
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May is the beginning of the beach season in many European resorts. Also in May there is warm and sunny weather in Israel, Egypt, UAE, central Vietnam.

Spring Spain
Spring Spain

The choice of resorts where you can go on vacation in May is not limited to Egypt, Turkey and Thailand. Indeed, this month begins the beach season in the Mediterranean resorts, and warm and comfortable weather is in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the Caribbean and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Weather in May in the resorts of the Mediterranean


In May, the tourist season begins in Cyprus. At the beginning of the month, it sometimes rains, but this does not interfere with a beach holiday, since the air warms up to + 23 … + 28 ° C during the day. And the water in the Mediterranean Sea warms up to +20 ° C. The warmest weather is in Nicosia and Kyrenia.


The average daytime air temperature is +23 ° C. The sea water near the coast warms up to + 19 … + 20 ° C. There is usually no heavy rainfall in Crete this month. Precipitation is possible only in mountainous areas. And in the coastal zone this month there are no more than two rainy days.


In the coastal cities of mainland Spain, the air warms up to + 22 … + 24 ° C, and in the central part of the country the daytime temperature reaches +26 ° C. It is getting warm in the Balearic Islands too. Palma de Mallorca and Menorca are great for sightseeing holidays this month, and the beach season begins on the islands at the end of May.


On the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, there is still no sultry heat in May. During the day, the air warms up to + 21 … + 25 ° C, and the water in the sea up to +22 ° C. The warmest weather is on the island of Djerba, located in the southern part of Tunisia.

Weather in May in Vietnam

In central Vietnam, there is no rainfall in May and the weather is quite hot. In Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, the average daytime air temperature is +31 ° C. The sea water warms up to +27 ° C.

In the southern part of Vietnam, as well as in the north, this month is quite hot, but rainy. In Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh, the rainy season is just beginning, so the amount of precipitation is moderate. The northern part of the country has 6-8 rainy days this month.

Weather in May on the islands of the Indian Ocean

It's never cold on these islands. However, in subtropical latitudes, strong winds and tropical showers are sometimes possible. In May, you can go to Mauritius, as this month the island does not have tropical heat and a lot of rainfall. The daytime air temperature in Mauritius is +27 ° C.

The Seychelles also has quite comfortable weather in May. The air warms up to + 29 … + 31 ° C. It is also worth noting that May is one of the sunniest months in the Seychelles.

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