When Is The Best Time To Relax In Crimea?

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When Is The Best Time To Relax In Crimea?
When Is The Best Time To Relax In Crimea?

Video: When Is The Best Time To Relax In Crimea?

Video: When Is The Best Time To Relax In Crimea?
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The peninsula is located in the northern part of the Black Sea coast.

When is the best time to relax in Crimea?
When is the best time to relax in Crimea?


There are two climatic zones in Crimea. The steppe part of the peninsula is characterized by a temperate climate, while the southern coast has a sub-Mediterranean climate. In 1932, ten climatic zones were allocated in the Crimea.

  • Winter: From December to February, the maximum amount of precipitation falls, the north winds blow, and the temperature ranges from + 7 to -5C. The first two winter months are considered the coldest.
  • Spring: In early March it gets noticeably warmer, but with varying degrees of success. The weather changes dramatically during the day - snow can fall at the end of a warm, sunny day. The real spring comes in April. In May, the air confidently warms up to +20, and by the end of the month you can swim.
  • Summer: The hottest are July and August. The air and water temperature is equivalent - about + 25-28.
  • Autumn: September is ideal for active tourism and wellness. You can also sunbathe at +23 and bathe in plenty. November brings dramatic changes: strong storms and hurricane winds begin, with heavy rains.

Vacationers' favorite time

May, June and September are considered optimal for rest.

June is the beach season.

January - active tourism: skiing, walking, hiking, excursions.

May and June. These months are full of holidays and weekends, and the weather is suitable for tourism and treatment in sanatoriums. Locals start sunbathing in May, and start swimming in early June. What are the advantages of a tourist?

  1. The beaches are clean - the tourism boom will start in June.
  2. Public transport is not crowded, it is easy to leave any part of the peninsula, a taxi will arrive within five minutes.
  3. The cost of housing is an order of magnitude lower than during the peak season.
  4. Inexpensive air tickets and not crowded streets.

September and October in Crimea are called the velvet season. This period owes its name to the traditions of Tsarist Russia. It is suitable for leisurely holidays, hiking and recreation. From the pros: all the advantages of May and June, as well as the sea warmed up over +20 and not the scorching, gentle sun.

But July and August are not suitable for everyone. There are many tourists on the beaches, hotels and guest houses are overcrowded, there are continuous traffic jams on the streets, queues are everywhere and high prices in places of tourist pilgrimage. This is the time of holidays and school holidays, the weather is hot and sultry, for a couple of hours of intense tanning you can get sunstroke or burns.

Water temperature change graph

For comfortable bathing, water is optimal from + 20, and for children from +22 and more. The sea warms up to this temperature from June to September.

Interesting fact: the Black Sea has never frozen, during strong winters the water freezes only in shallow bays. The temperature rarely reaches below +2, so some locals swim all year round.

Air temperature change graph

The air on the peninsula is comfortable and fairly humid, especially in the coastal regions. It is highly saturated with iodine, which makes it easy to endure the summer heat. Locals take off their winter clothes at + 10, and change into shorts at + 15. You should be afraid of the winds, especially the western and northern ones, in such weather it is easy to catch a cold and get sick.

Interesting fact: there are only 68 cloudy days a year in Crimea.

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