Portugal - Monthly Weather

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Portugal - Monthly Weather
Portugal - Monthly Weather

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Video: Portugal - Monthly Weather
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The climatic conditions of Portugal are significantly influenced by the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. Continental Portugal has a Mediterranean climate characterized by sunny summers and relatively warm but rainy winters.

Portugal - monthly weather
Portugal - monthly weather

Continental Portugal is dominated by a Mediterranean climate, and the proximity of the ocean has a significant impact on the climatic conditions of this country. In the northern regions of Portugal, due to the mountainous relief, the climate is characterized by high humidity, closer to the south, the humidity decreases. There is also less precipitation in the south of the country. The main share of precipitation falls in the autumn-winter period.


This is the coldest month of the year. Depending on the region, the daytime air temperature ranges from +13 to +17 ° С. The night air temperature can drop to + 6 … + 12 ° С. There are no more than 15 sunny days per month, the rest of the time is cloudy, rain is likely.

In coastal areas it is much warmer than in mountainous areas. Snowfalls are frequent in the Serra da Estrela mountains, and at the summit the air temperature drops below 0 ºC.


It is also cool in February, the average air temperature is 2-3 ° C higher than in January. On the coast this month can be five to six rainy days.


In March, spring begins in most of the country, and the number of sunny days increases. Frosts are possible only in mountainous areas. The warm sun in some places warms the air up to +19 ° С. However, the nights are still cold, at night the thermometer can drop to + 10 ° С. It rains three to four times a month.


The weather in April is already really spring. However, it's still pretty cool for a beach holiday. Daytime air temperature reaches +20 ° С, and at night it drops to + 12 … + 13 ° С. Rainy days are possible.


There is usually no rain in May. The air warms up to + 20 … + 22 ° С during the day. And at night, the thermometer, as a rule, does not fall below +15 ° C. In the second half of the month, the beach season begins.


June pleases with rather warm and stable weather. There is no sultry heat this month, and precipitation is rare. The air warms up to + 24 ° С during the day, and the night temperature is + 17 … + 19 ° С. The swimming season in the south of the country is already in full swing. The water in the Atlantic warms up to +20 ° С.


July is usually the warmest and driest month of the year. Daytime air temperature can reach +27 ° С. July is also the sunniest month. Lisbon has up to 29 sunny days this month.


This month is great for a beach holiday. It is still warm during the day, the air warms up to + 28 ° С, and the water in the ocean up to + 24 ° С. There may be one rainy day in a month.


In September, the velvet season begins at the beach resorts in the southern part of the country, and in the north of the country there is no longer the summer heat. In Lisbon, it can be quite hot during the day, the air warms up to +26 ° C. The water near the coast can warm up to +22 ° С.


This warm autumn month still pleases with a large number of fine days, but it gets chilly for a beach holiday. The daytime air temperature this month ranges from +18 to +21 ° С.


The weather in November reminds us that it is already autumn in Portugal. It may rain for several days in a row. Nevertheless, there is no cold weather in November. The average daytime air this month is + 17 ° С


In the coastal regions of Portugal, December is characterized by cool weather. Daytime air temperature + 14 … + 17 ° С. There are 10-12 rainy days this month. And snow falls in the mountains. The ski season begins on the slopes of the Serra da Estrela.

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