How To Get To Belgorod

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How To Get To Belgorod
How To Get To Belgorod

Video: How To Get To Belgorod

Video: How To Get To Belgorod
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Belgorod is known not only for its white mountains and the fact that it is the last large settlement before the Russian-Ukrainian border, but also for being the first to receive the title of "City of Military Glory" in its time. And there are also many museums, architectural monuments and Orthodox churches.

How to get to Belgorod
How to get to Belgorod


Step 1

The fastest way to get to Belgorod is by plane. Moscow - Belgorod flights of Moskovia and Polet airlines depart from Domodedovo airport, and Gazpromavia, UTair and Anadolu Jet liners depart from Vnukovo airport. In all cases, the time spent in flight will be equal to 1 hour 35 minutes.

Step 2

For those who are afraid to fly by air and especially by domestic flights, it is better to get to Belgorod by long-distance train. The trains "Moscow - Belgorod", "Moscow - Donetsk", "Moscow - Kharkov", "Moscow - Sevastopol", "Moscow - Simferopol", "Moscow - Kremenchug" and "Moscow - Dnepropetrovsk" depart from the Kursk railway station of the Russian capital. The time to be spent on the road is 9 hours and 50 minutes.

Step 3

Those travelers who are afraid of planes and do not really like long-distance trains can get to Belgorod by bus. Regular buses "Moscow - Kerch" and "Moscow - Stakhanov" leave the bus station "Novoyasenevskaya" every day. You need to get off at the stop “Belgorod. Track ", and the travel time will take 8 hours and 50 minutes.

Step 4

There is also a second option for traveling by bus. The Moscow - Simferopol flight departs from the Shchelkovo bus station four times a week. You should get off, as in the first case, at the stop “Belgorod. Track ".

Step 5

You can get from Moscow to Belgorod by car. According to the first option, it is necessary to move along the M-2 Crimea highway through Tula, Oryol and Kursk and not turn anywhere. As a result, the highway will lead to Belgorod.

Step 6

There is also a second option for traveling to Belgorod by car. To do this, you need to go along the M-4 Don highway through Novomoskovsk and Yelets to Voronezh. And then go to the P-189 highway, which will lead to the outskirts of Belgorod. In both cases, the journey will take 9 hours and 50 minutes. But only if there are no traffic jams on the roads.

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