Where To Go To Rest In June

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Where To Go To Rest In June
Where To Go To Rest In June

Video: Where To Go To Rest In June

Video: Where To Go To Rest In June
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With the onset of summer, the need for rest is especially acute. Traveling to other countries and cities will help you forget about working days. There you can not only discover a lot of new and interesting things, but also get a beautiful tan on the beach, because in June the swimming season is already opening.

Where to go to rest in June
Where to go to rest in June


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June is the perfect time for a beach holiday both in Russia and abroad. The sea is already warm enough, and the air is still not stuffy. In addition, there are not as many holidaymakers in June as in July or August. At this time, you can relax in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory - in Sochi, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Anapa and other places. However, if the air temperature there was cool in May, it is better to plan your vacation in the second half of June, when the sea warms up well.

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From the beginning of June, gorgeous weather for a beach holiday has been established in Greece, Tunisia, Israel, Morocco, Turkey and Cyprus. The water temperature there varies from 23 to 31oC, and the air temperature reaches 35oC. Holidays in these countries will delight you with good service, clean water and beaches. In addition, there you can visit interesting local sights and buy unique things. And you can even go to these countries with small children, because in hotels, as a rule, a special children's program is provided for them.

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Hotter weather in June persists in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. However, in the first summer month, the thermometer there still does not rise above 42 ° C, which makes it possible to comfortably relax on the beach before lunch and after 5-6 pm. And at lunchtime in Dubai, you can go shopping and see the amazing architecture of this unique city.

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In June, you can also go to European countries, in many of which a rich excursion program is harmoniously combined with a pleasant beach holiday. At this time, for example, the swimming season is already open on the coasts of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. It is very pleasant to walk in June also in the most beautiful places in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, England and other European countries.

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In the second half of June, wonderful weather is set in the Baltic countries, which are famous for interesting architecture and incredibly beautiful nature. The combination of the transparent Baltic Sea, white sand and shaggy pine trees will give you a truly unforgettable vacation.

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Fans of distant countries should go to the East, where every time you can discover something new and interesting. Japan, for example, is incredibly beautiful at this time. And in June it is good to travel around North America - the parks and streets of New York, for example, in the first month of summer looks especially bright and attractive.

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