Popular Resorts Of Cyprus

Popular Resorts Of Cyprus
Popular Resorts Of Cyprus

Video: Popular Resorts Of Cyprus

Video: Popular Resorts Of Cyprus
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Cyprus is called the island of Aphrodite, because, according to legend, it was here that the goddess of love emerged from the sea foam. She had good taste, because the clear Mediterranean sea, 330 sunny days a year, lots of entertainment and beautiful nature make Cyprus one of the best places for a beach holiday.

Popular resorts of Cyprus
Popular resorts of Cyprus

Cyprus is divided by the border into the Greek and Turkish parts, the main part of the popular resorts is located on the Greek side. This island seems to be specially created for relaxation. It is good for young people, couples, seniors, and families with children. The main thing is to choose the right place.

Ayia Napa.

This town with beautiful sandy beaches can be called a real paradise for young people: in the morning and in the afternoon you can sunbathe, swim and do water sports, and late at night in the city center a large number of bars and clubs open. You can also practice your English here, as there are a lot of Englishmen among vacationers.


There are also plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs here. But there are many more expensive hotels than Ayia Napa. And the presence of a water park, a zoo and an amusement park attracts families with children here. Therefore, Limassol can be called a "universal" Cypriot resort. Sandy beaches and bright sun are very fond of our compatriots, and local residents have to learn Russian in restaurants and shops.


There is an international airport in this city. Rest here is quite economical and calm, so older couples or families with children come here to rest. Pebble beaches, many shops and taverns, ancient buildings and ruins in the surrounding area, a beautiful central promenade with date palms - all this attracts tourists.


A tranquil resort with picturesque rocky coves, sandy beaches, perfect for a romantic trip or family vacation. Wedding ceremonies are often held here both by the Cypriots themselves and by foreign couples. And for entertainment, you can go to Ayia Napa, which is not far away.


An old small town on the western coast of Cyprus, not far from which Aphrodite emerged from the sea. This is the most fashionable resort on the island, the most expensive hotels are located here and wealthy Cypriots like to relax. It should be noted that many hotels are not very well suited for families with children.

Useful information about Cyprus.

- The beaches of northern Cyprus are not at all so popular among Russian tourists, so you can go there if you want to take a break from your native language on a trip.

- You can combine a fun holiday with a secluded one by visiting several resorts.

- Traveling around the island is quite expensive, the prices for taxis and car rentals are higher than in most European countries.

- The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is divided by the border into the Greek and Turkish sides, therefore, when going there, do not forget to take your passport.

–Most Cypriots speak English fluently.

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