How To Dress In Cuba

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How To Dress In Cuba
How To Dress In Cuba
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Cuba is one of the few countries in the world whose citizens are still building socialism. Those who have found the times when our country was also socialist will not be surprised that the assortment of goods in Cuban stores, both grocery and grocery, is rather scarce. But despite this, cheerful Cubans, most of whom are Creoles, manage to dress brightly and variedly.

How to dress in Cuba
How to dress in Cuba


Step 1

Summer in Cuba reigns all year round, so when going to Liberty Island, stock up on things from your summer wardrobe. Put a jumper and a light rain jacket in your suitcase in case it rains. Check the weather forecast - the rainy season in Cuba lasts from May to October, but the most intense rainfall occurs from mid-May to mid-June. If you fly there during this period, you cannot do without an umbrella.

Step 2

Many Cubans are descendants of immigrants from Africa, so bright colors in clothes and their most inconceivable combinations are just a necessary attribute of their style, in common with other inhabitants of the Caribbean. Therefore, take with you bright clothes that fully reflect the feeling of celebration and carnival that reigns on the streets of Havana. Those colors that are unthinkable on the streets of European cities will be very useful here.

Step 3

Choose clothes from natural fabrics - cotton and linen. You should be comfortable in it. For trips and excursions, take with you summer light jeans or trousers in a sporty or safari style, you can replace them with a long wide skirt. Complete these items with jersey tees and tees. Be sure to take with you a beautiful, open, bright dress, in which you can attend special events, go to a restaurant.

Step 4

Take care of a headdress - a wide-brimmed hat if you are afraid of the sun, or a baseball cap and bandana. Complete your wardrobe with sunglasses or a sun canopy.

Step 5

It is best to navigate the streets and cobblestones in sneakers or light leather sandals without heels. For evening events, choose shoes with a stable heel or platform. If you are staying in a five- or four-star hotel, then you don't have to take home slippers with you, new ones will be prepared for you in your room.

Step 6

Be sure to bring your beach shoes and clothes to Cuba - rubber slippers, a swimsuit, a beach robe.

Step 7

And take with you to Cuba a lot of beautiful, bright jewelry, without them, no outfit is unthinkable that you will wear on this beautiful island, where everything is filled with sunlight, smiles and bright colors.

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