What Is The Climate In Goa

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What Is The Climate In Goa
What Is The Climate In Goa

Video: What Is The Climate In Goa

Video: What Is The Climate In Goa
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Goa is a southern Indian state surrounded on one side by the coast and on the other by mountains. This also affects the weather. The state's monsoon period lasts four months, making the state unsuitable for tourism at this time. A hot, three-month summer can also be uncomfortable for travel.

the weather in Goa
the weather in Goa


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The climate of the Indian state of Goa is very stable and acceptable for many tourists from all over the world. Comfortable weather lasts from October to May. The hot Indian summer begins in May, when the temperature exceeds 30-33 ° C. Four months of monsoons make the state uninhabitable. Floods, stormy winds and heavy rains force even local residents to climb higher into the mountains.

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In January, February, and March, the climate throughout the state is dry but hot enough. The air temperature during the day can rise to 30 ° C, but on average it is kept at the level of 27-28 ° C. The sea warms up to 28-30 ° C, which makes it comfortable for swimming at any time of the day. On the coast, the air is quite humid, and light breezes make the rest even more pleasant.

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From mid-March to late May, the state begins a hot summer with high humidity. The hottest month is May, when the thermometer exceeds 35 ° C. The water in the Indian Sea is warm - 28-32oC. There is practically no precipitation, with rare exceptions when the wind direction changes.

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From early June to late September, Goa is dominated by the monsoons. During this period, the annual precipitation rate is almost 90%. Continuous and daily rains cause flooding. During this period, the tourist season is closed. The largest amount of precipitation occurs in June, slightly less in July and August. In September, the monsoon period ends. The air temperature does not drop below 25 ° C during the day.

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In October, a stable temperature is established - 27-28оС. The water temperature does not drop below 27 ° C. The climate is mild and comfortable, greenery is actively blooming, numerous flowers and plants bloom. It is in October that the beach season in Goa begins, as the sea and the air are already warm enough for swimming and sunbathing.

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Goan autumn ends at the end of November. The weather during this period is the most comfortable for rest. The air temperature during the day does not exceed 29оС, at night it drops to 25оС. The sea is warm - 25-27оС. Humidity is moderate. Light and fresh breezes are possible on the coast. At the same time, strong winds are not observed throughout the state, and precipitation is a rare occurrence.

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December is the most comfortable month for rest in terms of the weather. The high air temperature during the day (30-31 ° C) is replaced by a rather low night temperature (20-22 ° C), while the sea remains the same warm - not less than 25 ° C. The beach season is in full swing this month.

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