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Where To Find Real Adventures
Where To Find Real Adventures

Video: Where To Find Real Adventures

Video: Where To Find Real Adventures
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The breathtaking expanse of the South Pacific will impress romantic adventure seekers from around the world. Naturalists, divers, freelancers and just married couples - lovers of pristine nature can find here islands completely untouched by civilization. And for romantics, what could be more remarkable than a "wild" vacation in places where no one has ever been … since the formation of the planet?

Landing in Fiji
Landing in Fiji

general information

Due to the remoteness of this region, the flight options and the spread in prices are greater than for any other destination.

Russia, Ukraine, as well as other European countries do not have direct flights with the states of the South Pacific region.

Now some island countries such as Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Western Samoa are among the visa-free countries. Upon arrival, at the airport, to the accompaniment of guitars and songs of good-natured "cannibals", an entry permit ($ 20) is stamped for a period of up to six months. If you have pocket money at the rate of $ 50 / day (secretly - not entirely strict!), The duration of stay in the territory of the state that owns the islands is determined.


Another question is the degree of extreme travel. Taking into account the ethnic component and political situation of the countries of the region, one can divide them into dangerous or safe ones. The danger for travelers is the internecine conflicts between different ethnic groups of the local population. There are more than eight hundred language groups in the eastern part of the Solomon Islands alone!

The islands of Fiji can be considered calm in this respect, where, along with the indigenous people, people of Indian origin have coexisted for more than 150 years. There are also many local residents of the European past.

The island states, as well as Australia and New Zealand, which are part of the British Commonwealth, develop friendly relations with each other and provide mutual assistance.

Fiji time

But what is six months in Fiji? Instant. These lands have some kind of magical property to turn people into notorious lazy people. However, locals regard laziness as a category of human dignity and count the time in a completely different way. There is a local concept of "Fiji time", no one is in a hurry. Many, having first come to Fiji, realize that all the vanity of life has remained somewhere so far away that there is even no point in remembering all this and do not want to return to the cramped dusty cities anymore.

While staying on the islands, you will see that Fiji definitely deserves attention as a very interesting and unique place on the planet for investment, business, leisure and life in general. By the decision of the government of the country, access to all areas of the islands is now allowed.


Adventure seekers tired of seeking an earthly paradise can stop their quest and base their lives in a unique way by settling on the islands. Viti Levu Island in Fiji is one of them. The lucky ones, having acquired a house for themselves, will receive a pleasant surprise - the right to become a resident of this small, but completely independent country. The main advantage consists in obtaining the possibility of visa-free entry to many countries, which today are reluctant to open their borders to residents of the countries of the post-Soviet space. For example, Fiji's closest neighbors are Australia and New Zealand, whose immigration authorities are introducing stricter rules every year.

Now people with sufficient funds have the opportunity to settle in this tropical paradise in their own corner, surrounded by complete comfort. If we compare real estate prices, then even on the most expensive, built-up plots of Maui Bay or Vaidrok, they will seem ridiculous in comparison not only with Moscow, but also with the Crimean ones. But who will compare Crimea with Oceania? …

Thus, as a resident of Fiji, adventure and unique lifestyle lovers can travel aboard their own yacht or charter yacht throughout Oceania.

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