How To Pay A Fine In Italy

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How To Pay A Fine In Italy
How To Pay A Fine In Italy

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Video: How To Pay A Fine In Italy
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The best way to travel around Italy is by car. However, Italian traffic laws are quite strict and there are no exemptions for foreigners. How to pay a fine if you nevertheless violated these laws?

How to pay a fine in Italy
How to pay a fine in Italy


Step 1

Before traveling, familiarize yourself with the traffic rules in Italy, and especially carefully - with the driving directions. The fact is that the most common mistakes of foreigners visiting Italian cities are driving and parking in the wrong places. The right to travel on some streets is possible only with a special permit. Not everyone can get it. True, disabled people can drive almost everywhere, but parking is also possible only in strictly designated areas, with yellow markings. If everything is in order with your health, it is better to avoid such parking lots, otherwise you will also be fined.

Step 2

Remember: you can only move within Italian cities at a speed of no more than 50 km / h, on ordinary highways - 90 km / h, on highways - 110 km / h. As well as throughout Europe, there are toll roads in Italy (the maximum speed of movement is up to 130 km / h) and paid parking lots (with blue markings). If you exceed the speed limit or did not pay for the parking time through the parking meter, problems with a fine will be provided to you.

Step 3

Review the receipt for payment of the fine that the carabinieri issued to you. It will contain the license plate number of your (or rented) car, the date and time of the violation, the address of the incident and the amount of the fine. Pay attention to the receipt number. this will be your login to the fines payment system ( You will also find the password in this document. Enter them in the proposed form and indicate the bank card number, payments from which the system will be able to accept. After the transaction has been successfully completed, you will see a message stating that everything is in order. Take a screenshot of it just in case.

Step 4

If you rented a car for the trip, the amount of the fine may be debited by the company that owns the car from your card even when you leave this country without paying for it. In addition, you will be charged the amount for processing the receipt, in other words, for troubles.

Step 5

If the car belongs to you and you don't have a bank card, you can pay the fine by going to one of the post offices in Italy. Show the managers the receipt and enter the due amount.

Step 6

You can also pay the fine for minor offenses on the way out of any major Italian city at the Punto Blu road service office.

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