How To Pay A Parking Ticket In Finland

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How To Pay A Parking Ticket In Finland
How To Pay A Parking Ticket In Finland

Video: How To Pay A Parking Ticket In Finland

Video: How To Pay A Parking Ticket In Finland
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It is the "slow" Finns who hold 2 world records of fines for traffic violations, amounting to more than € 100,000 each. Such substantial sums were obtained due to the fact that in this country, the annual income of the owners is taken into account in their calculations. However, if you simply parked incorrectly or did not pay for your parking space on time, you will hardly have to pay that much. True, for this you need to be in Finland.

How to pay a parking ticket in Finland
How to pay a parking ticket in Finland


Step 1

Be careful to choose the right parking spot. You can leave your car for a while only in strictly designated areas with special signs. If you parked in the wrong place, you cannot avoid a fine.

Step 2

Please note: in Helsinki, Turku and other cities of the country, all parking is paid. True, the farther from the center, the less you will have to pay in one hour. Pay for parking in a special machine next to the parking lot. Put your arrival time on a special clock (you can buy it in Finland) or put a receipt from the parking meter under the wipers. The parking service in this country works very well, so when the term you paid expires, you will be fined.

Step 3

Before you park, do not forget to see if there is a limit on the length of stay in this parking lot (usually 2 hours). If your car is delayed in the parking lot, a special plastic bag with a fine will be waiting for you there, under the wipers.

Step 4

Open the package and read the papers contained there (a sheet explaining the reasons for the fine and an invoice for paying a certain amount at the bank). Depending on the city, the amount will vary from € 10 to € 50. These documents will also indicate the state number of the vehicle. and its type, so you better pay. Otherwise, you will have problems crossing the Finnish border next time with this particular car. Or even getting a visa.

Step 5

Contact the nearest branch of any Finnish bank and present your receipt. Banks work hours: from 10.00 to 15.00, from Monday to Friday inclusive. They are closed on Saturday, so be especially careful that day. But on Sunday all parking in Finland is free. Although if you place your car incorrectly, get ready to pay a fine. The commission is usually no more than 5% of its amount. Deposit it into the account, the details of which you will receive at the bank.

Step 6

If you do not rush to pay the fine, then 7 days after the violation, you will already be charged a penalty. In addition, a fine paid at the wrong time can also serve as a reason for refusing your visa.

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