How To Get To Vidnoye

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How To Get To Vidnoye
How To Get To Vidnoye

Video: How To Get To Vidnoye

Video: How To Get To Vidnoye
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The city of Vidnoye is of interest to those who want to live in relatively tolerable environmental conditions, but do not want to move away from the city. This is what explains its great popularity in recent years.

How to get to Vidnoye
How to get to Vidnoye


Step 1

Vidnoe is located four kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. And that is why it is very easy to get to it. You can do this on the suburban trains "Moscow - Necklace", "Moscow - Mikhnevo", "Moscow - Uzunovo", "Moscow - Barybino", "Moscow - Domodedovo" and "Moscow - Kashira". All of them depart from the Paveletsky railway station, and the travel time to any of them is on average 35 minutes.

Step 2

If you get to Vidnoye by bus, then at the Domodedovskaya metro station you need to take buses No. 471 and No. 364, which follow the route "Moscow - Vidnoe (Station Rastorguevo)". Travel time will take no more than 25 minutes. But only if there are no big traffic jams or serious accidents on the road.

Step 3

It is also possible to take bus # 489 at the Kantemirovskaya metro station, which moves along the route “Moscow - Vidnoe (Socio-economic Institute)”.

Step 4

There is also a third option for traveling from Moscow to Vidnoye by bus. It is necessary to take a flight "Moscow - Domodedovo", which departs from the Shchelkovo bus station of the Russian capital. You can get off at the Vidnoye stop.

Step 5

Without a doubt, the most convenient way to get to Vidnoye is by private car. In this case, you need to taxi from the Moscow Ring Road to Varshavskoe shosse and drive straight a little. In four kilometers there will be a turn to Vidnoe. The turn is marked with a large pointer, which is simply impossible to miss. From the ring road, the journey takes less than 15 minutes, and from remote points of Moscow it can take up to three to four hours - it all depends on traffic jams and congestion.

Step 6

The second option for a trip by car is to turn from the Moscow Ring Road to the Kashirskoye Highway and drive forward no more than seven kilometers. After that there will be a turn to the right under the sign "Tabolovo / Vidnoe". The motorist will find himself on the Varshavskoye Highway and calmly reach the turn to Vidnoye.

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