What To Bring From Paris

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What To Bring From Paris
What To Bring From Paris

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Video: What To Bring From Paris
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Paris is a stunningly beautiful city from which you can take away not only cute photos, but also memories of a lifetime. As for shopping, this is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so it is more profitable to go here during the summer sales season or after the New Year. What kind of presents can you please your loved ones?

souvenirs andts from Paris
souvenirs andts from Paris


France and wine are inseparable. Just like France and cognac, France and champagne and so on on the list. Alcoholic drinks in Paris are presented in a large assortment and of excellent quality. It is wonderful to pamper your relatives with berry liqueurs, real wine, cognac and various tinctures. The easiest way not to get lost in this abundance is to visit the Nicolas store. This network is widely represented throughout the city. There the staff will recommend the best alcohol.


The same wide selection of cheeses in France. Even if the tourist does not consider himself to be a lover of this product, the French will pick up a variety for him that he will be delighted with. Hundreds of items can be found in special shops, and recipes are kept in the strictest confidence. In such shops it is interesting to buy wine and cheese plate and appreciate the exquisite combination.


French perfumes have been a cherished dream of fashionistas since Soviet times. Of course, perfumes and cosmetics in the city of love have long been famous for their high quality, so it is impossible to leave without a purchase from chic Parisian stores. Most of the famous boutiques are located on the Champs Elysees, but the local population knows a little secret on how to save money on cosmetics. You need to buy in simple pharmacy points - there similar goods are much cheaper.

Brand clothing and accessories

Paris is undoubtedly the vibrant center of the global fashion industry. Every stylish girl who respects herself will certainly go for designer shopping. All famous brands from the democratic mass market to the ultra-expensive haute couture are represented in Parisian stores.

Seasonal large discounts are established by the French government and are twice a year, as in many European countries. The usual sales period is about 30 days. Discounts on last year's collections can be increased up to 80%. Especially big discounts in specialized stock stores, the Parisians themselves prefer to buy designer goods at a lower price there.

Jewelry products

It is better to buy expensive jewelry in shops farther from the center. Cute pendants and necklaces can be purchased at Notre Dame or Saint Chapelle. Tiffany boutiques sell silver jewelry at affordable prices. You can find a miniature golden Eiffel Tower in any retail outlets, and in Cartier chains you can buy brooches in the shape of a turtle or a butterfly. In non-branded stores, you need to be very careful and check the seals - there is a great risk of running into a fake Turkish or Chinese production.


France is a paradise not only for stylish shopaholics, but also for gourmets. The most unusual (and expensive) options are: canned frog legs, foie gras pate, truffles. Cheap, but no less tasty, sweet chestnuts are fried on every corner. Another popular sweet is confiture - jam made from various fruits according to a special recipe. But meat lovers will love the riyet - a great appetizer made from duck, fish or pork. This dish can only be found in France.

Useful little things

The most common gift is, of course, the Eiffel Tower figurines. There are many Asian street vendors in the city - they sell standard postcards, magnets, caps, T-shirts with inscriptions about Paris.

Small grocery boxes are very popular, in which olive oil, mustard and Provencal herbs are placed. You can add poppy syrup to it, a delicious condiment for many dishes.

It is not uncommon to find street artists who will draw cartoons, portraits, or sell work with local landscapes for an affordable price.

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