How To Be Safe While Traveling

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How To Be Safe While Traveling
How To Be Safe While Traveling

Video: How To Be Safe While Traveling

Video: How To Be Safe While Traveling
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Even if you are driving to a perfectly safe country, taking precautions never hurts. Learning a few simple rules will help you avoid possible troubles, and you can enjoy your vacation.

How to be safe while traveling
How to be safe while traveling

Always take out travel insurance

This is the number one rule of any traveler. Even if no one asks her at the border, even if the country is “cheap”. Never save on good insurance, because, in the case of seeking medical help, the amount of bills can reach huge numbers. If you are going to ski or go in for other active sports, do not spare money on appropriate insurance, since the standard one does not cover the costs of injuries resulting from extreme sports.

Make copies of documents

It is better to double-insure, and have a copy of the passport, both in printed form and in electronic form, in the mail. In case of theft or loss of documents, it will save you a lot of time and nerves. It is also better to have a photo or electronic version of health insurance available (or at least write out the intent of the contract).

Don't keep all your money in one place

This rule is as old as the world. Take part of the money in cash, part - on bank cards, preferably two. Ideally, you should also have a good credit card with you. In an unforeseen situation, it is easier to use it than to wait for a money transfer. Don't keep all your money and cards in one wallet and one bag, for obvious reasons. And of course, never check your money and valuables in your luggage.

Get ready for lost luggage

Loss of luggage is a fairly frequent occurrence, which cannot even be called a force majeure situation. It is especially unpleasant when it is lost on the way "there". It is hardly anyone's plans to be in boots and a jacket in a hot country. Therefore, it is better to take the necessary clothes in hand luggage for a couple of days. In most cases, luggage is found fairly quickly.

Watch out in crowded places

Even in calm Europe, pickpockets are in full swing, the target for which is a gape or a tourist who is staring at the beauty. As a rule, these are real professionals, and you will not immediately notice the loss of your wallet. So, follow the basic rules: dress simpler, don't wear expensive jewelry, take a minimum of money with you for a walk. In some cities, motorcyclists rip off bags on the go, while in Latin America robbery in broad daylight is common. So read up on the safety of the specific country you are traveling to.

With regard to food and drinks

Of course, national cuisine is an indispensable component of the country's culture. But still, in exotic countries it is better to be careful with experiments. In hot countries, try not to drink cocktails and drinks with ice, do not buy sliced fruits and drink water only from bottles.

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