How To Hitchhike A Girl

How To Hitchhike A Girl
How To Hitchhike A Girl

Video: How To Hitchhike A Girl

Video: How To Hitchhike A Girl
Video: How to HITCH-HIKE without getting MURDERED (for hikers) 2023, June

Hitchhiking is movement by passing transport for free with the consent of the driver, of course. And for girls it is a continuous risk, extreme and indescribable emotions.

How to hitchhike a girl
How to hitchhike a girl

Hitchhiking is a completely different emotion than a classic vacation. Moving around the world in this way, one cannot predict what will happen in the near future. Literally, all decisions are made on the fly.

At first glance at the car or its driver, you will not be able to understand, under the influence of what intentions and goals, he stopped and picked you up. This is a risk. For both the driver and you. You are in one boat, for neither side knows what to expect from the other.

Therefore, the first tip! Be sure to take your self-defense equipment with you on your trip. It can be a pepper spray, a stun gun. Really anything. If only it was at hand in case of something.

2. Don't make plans! The road is unpredictable. Trust your intuition. Live now and enjoy every moment.

3. Dress brightly so that you can be seen from afar. Eliminate provocative clothing: short shorts, tank tops with revealing cutouts, and so on. Otherwise, the journey may end before it has begun. Dress in a way that is comfortable and comfortable for you. Most of the time you will be on the road, take care of yourself.

4. Buy a card. It will come in handy for you to understand that you are moving in the right direction.

5. Take care of the presence of personal hygiene products and a small first aid kit with the most necessary medicines for you in your backpack.

6. Also grab food. These should be non-perishable, high-calorie foods.

An excellent option for a passing car would be a wagon. It is very comfortable inside the car, and if you know how to conduct conversations, then there is a chance to spend the night in comfortable conditions.

Before starting your journey, be sure to decide where you will start moving from.

There are a huge number of sites and services where you can find travel companions, drivers or a place to sleep.

It will be best if your travel companion is a male person. This will immediately avoid many possible sexual innuendos from drivers.

Your girlfriend will also be a good couple. Again, you will be picked up, because the drivers are pleased to be in the company of a female.

7. In conversations with drivers, try not to conflict with them, if possible, agree with their opinion. Don't talk about religion, sex, or politics.

Hitchhiking gives you a different look at the world around you.

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