What To Bring From Italy

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What To Bring From Italy
What To Bring From Italy
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Italy is one of the countries to which tourists from all over the world travel, including for quality shopping. You can bring from here, first of all, clothes, shoes and accessories of world-famous brands at affordable prices. In different cities in Italy, the nature of shopping is slightly different.

What to bring from Italy
What to bring from Italy

What to bring from Rome

Since the political elite of Italy lives in Rome, God himself ordered boutiques with expensive high-quality clothes and shoes to be located in this city. All Italian brands are represented here - from the most democratic to luxury, from underwear to leather and fur.

In the most “shopping” Italian cities, there are certainly outlet stores with expensive brands from last year's collections. Prices here are 30 - 70% of the original!

At first glance, it might seem that in the Italian capital, prices are generally lower than in Milan, for example. However, this is not the case, and items of the same brand in both cities cost the same. However, there are more middle-level brands in Rome, which explains the illusion of local cheapness.

What to bring from Milan

Only expensive items from the most elite and luxury Italian brands! Those who expect to find jeans for 50 euros should not go to Milan: there are no such prices a priori.

In all cities of Italy, as elsewhere, in winter and summer there are profitable seasonal sales, when you can buy branded items at extremely attractive prices.

But Milan boutiques are a real outlet for those who can afford to buy truly high-quality things, designer clothes and shoes, and the freshest collections. Those who prefer more affordable shopping should go to other cities. So, Rimini or San Marino are ideal for this. The second is not quite an Italian city, but shopping tours to Italy usually cannot do without visiting this place.

Authentic shopping in Italy

However, the modern tourist is not alive by brands alone! And sometimes, during a trip to Italy, you want to bring with you not only a beautiful and fashionable addition to your wardrobe, but also truly "Italian" - authentic things.

Such romantics can visit Florence, where there are many jewelry and antique shops with interesting and often rare jewelry and other gizmos. In Old Venice, you should definitely look into the shops selling unsurpassed Murano glass, jewelry, watches and all kinds of souvenirs. So, a souvenir made of Murano glass costs about 9-12 euros and looks very beautiful and colorful. However, buying jewelry in souvenir shops is not the best idea: they are all equally similar to each other, and do not differ in sophistication or sophisticated design. At the same time, both Venice and Florence also have boutiques with fashionable designer clothes and footwear of various price categories.

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