How To Travel Abroad: Useful Information

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How To Travel Abroad: Useful Information
How To Travel Abroad: Useful Information

Video: How To Travel Abroad: Useful Information

Video: How To Travel Abroad: Useful Information
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Many people go on vacation not only in another city, but also in another country. Indeed, a radical change of scenery makes it possible to take a break from the usual everyday life and get new impressions before the working year. But for a trip abroad, you need to prepare in advance. How can this be done?

How to travel abroad: useful information
How to travel abroad: useful information


  • - international passport;
  • - visa;
  • - money to buy a ticket and pay for accommodation.


Step 1

Get your passport if you haven't done so before. To do this, you need to download a questionnaire from the website of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), fill it out in two copies, certify from the employer, pay the fee and come with the questionnaire and receipt to the FMS office at your place of residence. The passport will be issued within a month.

Step 2

Decide where you want to go and which route you want to take. For people who prefer a beach holiday, the easiest way out is to buy a ready-made tour from a travel agency. If you are interested in non-standard routes, organize your trip yourself. With the development of the Internet, you can book a hotel and excursions on your own, a basic level of English is enough.

Step 3

Purchase a ticket for your trip. If your destination is far enough away from where you live, air travel is the way to go. If you have a bank card, then you can buy a ticket cheaper than at a travel agency. This can be done either on the airline's website or on a special flight booking portal.

Step 4

Find out the requirements of the country you are going to for the entry of foreign citizens. To do this, go to the website of the embassy or consulate of the state you are interested in in Russia in the "Visas" section. The visa regime has already been canceled between Russia and some countries, for example, Israel. In other cases, you will need to obtain a visa. The website will provide information on whether you need to apply to the consulate for this or whether the visa is put into your passport right at the border in the country of arrival.

Step 5

If you are traveling to a country with a visa regime for Russians, collect all the necessary documents. A tourist visa usually requires confirmation of the availability of funds to pay for the trip, round-trip tickets, as well as a hotel reservation or invitation from individuals. Please note that no one can guarantee you a visa, but provided the complete set of documents and the absence of violations of the visa regime in the past, your chances of a positive result of the request are maximum.

Step 6

After completing all the documents, pay attention to the fees for the trip. Be sure to bring a first aid kit with any medications you may need along the way. In many European countries, for example, it is difficult, if necessary, to buy medicines without a prescription. Include a first aid kit and sunscreen. It will come in handy not only on the beach, but also in the mountains in winter.

Also, if you are flying by plane, consider the requirements for hand luggage. All sharp objects, for example scissors, as well as liquids, gels and creams in packages of more than 100 ml must be packed in a suitcase and checked in luggage.

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