How To Buy Bus Tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol

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How To Buy Bus Tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol
How To Buy Bus Tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol

Video: How To Buy Bus Tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol

Video: How To Buy Bus Tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol
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The distance between Krasnodar and Stavropol is about 300 km. Buses leave from the bus station, the railway station square and the bus stop at Uralskaya.

Bus tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol
Bus tickets Krasnodar-Stavropol


  • - telephone to call the information station;
  • - funds to buy a ticket.


Step 1

From the bus station, which is located on pl. Pryvokzalnaya, 5, direct regular buses leave at 07:15, 09:00, 12:30, 15:00 and 17:15. The ticket price is 500 rubles. They can be purchased at the ticket office of the bus station or booked by phone +7 (861) 262 51 44 or +7 (861) 262 42 71.

Step 2

From this station, transit flights pass through Anapa - Stavropol at 12:45, Novorossiysk - Stavropol at 13:25, Sochi - Stavropol at 22:50, Gelendzhik - Stavropol at 23:50, Adler - Stavropol at 01:30 and 05:00, Krasnodar - Neftekumsk at 20:05. A ticket costs 660 rubles, you can also buy it at the ticket office of the bus station. Purchasing a ticket using the Internet service is not yet available for bus routes.

Step 3

At st. Pryvokzalnaya Square, 1 is a railway station. Inside the building there is a ticket office where you can buy a ticket for the Sochi - Stavropol transit flight at 3 am. Travel time is 6-7 hours.

Step 4

From the bus stop, which is located on Uralskaya street 111/1, daily at 14:00 and Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 09:00 a bus departs from Krasnodar - Yerevan with a passage to the city of Stavropol. This bus belongs to the private company "Avazar Bus" and tickets for it can be bought on the spot from the controller or the bus driver.

Step 5

At the moment, there is only booking tickets by phone and buying on the spot at the ticket office of the station or from the driver. It should be noted that only "real" money is accepted at the cash desks. Also, in some train stations there are no ATMs where you can withdraw money from the card. Therefore, you have to go to the station with a small amount of cash. The purchase of tickets through the Internet sites will soon be launched. This will be possible through the official sites of bus stations or already recognized sites such as,, etc. You can pay for a ticket with a bank card, virtual wallets, through the phone.

Step 6

To Stavropol from Krasnodar, in addition to bus routes, can be reached by train. There is no direct message, there are transfers. A ticket to the destination costs from 1400 rubles. They can also be purchased at the railway station ticket offices, travel agencies and the above-written Internet sites.

Step 7

A bus with a route Krasnodar-Stavropol passes through such settlements as Ust-Labinsk, Tbilisskaya, Kropotkin, Novoaleksandrovsk and Izobilny. It can also follow another route Krasnodar - Maykop - Yaroslavskaya - Labinsk - Armavir - Stavropol.

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