How To Relax In Samara

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How To Relax In Samara
How To Relax In Samara

Video: How To Relax In Samara

Video: How To Relax In Samara
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Samara is a millionaire Volga city founded in 1586 and in Soviet times bore a different name - Kuibyshev. According to 2013 estimates, 1,171 million people lived in Samara, making the city the seventh largest city in all of Russia. Besides the fact that Samara is an industrial and economic city, it is very interesting for tourists. So what can you visit and where can you relax in Samara?

How to relax in Samara
How to relax in Samara

Resting places

The main resting place for Samara residents of all ages is the famous city embankment. Moreover, residents like to come to it both in the warm and cold seasons. In summer, you can swim there, sunbathe on a comfortable beach, play active games and just take a walk, looking at the most beautiful Zhigulevskie mountains, stretching on the opposite bank.

In winter, on the Samara embankment, there are numerous entertainments - skating rinks, ski trails, portable baths with access to the Volga bank and to the ice-hole. In general, this place is absolutely definitely the heart of the city.

Lovers of club life will also find something to do in Samara. Several dozen large and small nightclubs are constantly operating in the city, the most popular of which is the Zvezda club.

It is impossible to ignore one of the main attractions of the city - the Brewery, to which in the warm season crowds of people who want to drink a fresh draft foamy drink flock. From the plant itself you can walk about 100 meters towards Kuibyshev Street, where there is a wonderful observation deck - Pushkin Square. From this place, where Samara people are very fond of drinking beer bought nearby, an excellent view of the Volga also opens up.

Places of interesting leisure activities

Popular in the Volga region and Samara "Museum named after Alabin", as well as the regional Museum of History and Local Lore, where you can spend your free time very interesting and informative.

The area of the local history museum is very impressive - about 3, 5 thousand square meters. About 200 thousand people visit it annually.

A visit to the Samara Art Museum for painting lovers can also be interesting. Its visitors will be able to get acquainted with interesting canvases by local artists of the 19-20 centuries, as well as with the works of painters known throughout Russia and in the world.

The list of visited Samara museums includes the following - the Kurlina House-Museum, the A. N. Tolstoy, Museum of Cosmonautics, Zoological Museum named after D. N. Florova and the Museum of Samara Football.

Usually, guests of the city also include in their program a visit to the "Stalin's Bunker", built for the evacuation of the ruling elite of the Central Committee that never took place during the Second World War. The bunker is located at a depth of 37 meters. You can get into it by going behind the building of the Academy of Culture and Art, by the way, located not far from the Pushkin Square.

It is rather difficult to list all Samara sights, the main thing is to know the main ones, which will give you the opportunity to have a great rest in this pearl of the Volga region.

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