How To Scare Off A Bear

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How To Scare Off A Bear
How To Scare Off A Bear

Video: How To Scare Off A Bear

Video: How To Scare Off A Bear
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When going on a hike in the forest, you need to be ready to meet wild animals. Observing safety precautions and rules of conduct in such a situation, you can avoid many troubles and real danger to life.

How to scare a bear
How to scare a bear


  • - hand flares;
  • - gas cartridges;
  • - firecrackers.


Step 1

Bears rarely attack people, but it is better to try to avoid meeting the beast altogether than to try to drive it away later. It is advisable to travel in a large company, a lot of noisy people scares away animals. Don't walk along paths - bears make their own paths, but they don't care if it's a path or a human one. Drive on level and open ground whenever possible. This will allow you to notice the animal in time and avoid contact with it

Step 2

Try to make as much noise as possible. Stomp, talk, laugh, sing, bang with branches. Bears are very wary and will not approach large groups of people. Make camp away from the trails. Natural obstacles in the form of piles of stones, fallen trees, ravines can serve as a protection from bears. The animal will not waste energy on overcoming obstacles. Do not leave trash and food leftovers behind, the bear has a very good nose and can hunt you down this way

Step 3

You must burn the garbage, and the rest of the food, if possible, throw it into the river. In this case, you will not litter the area, feed the fish and attract the attention of bears. Stay away from dead animals or beached fish. This can be the prey of wild animals, which they will protect from you. You may come across cubs, do not go near them and do not try to pet the cubs. Their mother is not far away, and she may regard your actions as a threat to the bear cub

Step 4

If you do notice a bear, try to walk around it in a wide arc. The beast will understand that you do not pose any danger to him. The animal can stand on its hind legs, so it tries to get a better look at you. Bears are very curious, for the sake of interest, the beast can follow you. Huddle in a tight group and raise your backpacks higher. The bear is scared away by what is greater than himself. An aggressively minded animal can be stopped with gas cartridges, firecrackers or hand flares.

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