Which Countries Can You Travel To Without A Visa

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Which Countries Can You Travel To Without A Visa
Which Countries Can You Travel To Without A Visa

Video: Which Countries Can You Travel To Without A Visa

Video: Which Countries Can You Travel To Without A Visa
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Vacation travel is often overshadowed by the visa issue. The embassies of some countries may not issue the required document, even if the selected tour has already been purchased. No one is obliged to explain the reasons for the refusal to tourists. Travel to countries where you can travel without a visa will help to avoid incidents.



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There are several travel options for citizens with Russian foreign passports. The first is obtaining a visa in advance. The second is a trip to countries where an entry document is not required for a certain period. The third is visa processing right at the border, without collecting any documents. Fourth - ordering and obtaining a visa through the Internet services on the websites of the Embassies.

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You can safely travel to many popular tourist destinations without a visa. For example, a document is not required when entering the territory of Turkey, Israel, Cuba, Seychelles, Bahamas, Maldives, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Argentina, Thailand. The duration of stay in these places without a visa varies from 28 (Barbados) to 90 days / 3 months (Morocco). Some countries only allow entry for a very limited period. Up to 15 days without this document, you can relax in Vietnam and Laos, and 14 days are allowed to be spent in Hong Kong and Tunisia (for groups with a voucher from a travel agency).

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Many countries allow Russian tourists to stay on their territory without a visa for a month. These include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jamaica, Philippines, Costa Rica, Serbia, Malaysia, Macau, Montenegro. You can stay in South Korea for up to 60 days without an entry document. For a longer period (90 days / 3 months) they will be glad to see a visa-free Russian tourist in Albania (spring-summer only), Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Namibia, Guatemala, Georgia, etc. countries where you can enter with an all-Russian passport. These are Belarus, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.

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There are many countries in the world where a visa is placed in a Russian foreign passport when crossing the border. In this case, a limiting time period also applies. The shortest period - 7 days - can be spent in Togo and the Central African Republic. Up to two weeks are allowed to stay in Bahrain, Comoros, Hainan Island (China), Bangladesh, Syria.

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A visa for 30 days / month is also issued at the border of Egypt, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Palau, Belize, Jordan, Cape Verde, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka. In many, a visa from the airport will allow you to stay for up to 90 days. These countries include Ghana, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Paraguay, Nepal. But in Mali and Uganda, a visa issued at the airport does not limit the period of stay in the country.

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Russian travelers can apply for a visa to many countries of the world via the Internet. There are no failures in such cases. The main thing is to provide accurate information about yourself, indicate the purpose of the trip, place of residence and approximate / exact dates of stay. Without leaving home, a visa can be obtained to Bahrain, Mexico, Singapore, Rwanda, Sri Lanka (if more than 30 days), Myanmar, the islands of Cyprus and Montserrat.

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