Where To Go To Rest Without A Passport?

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Where To Go To Rest Without A Passport?
Where To Go To Rest Without A Passport?

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Video: Where To Go To Rest Without A Passport?
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The modern tourism business offers a wide range of countries for recreation. The agencies have tours for every taste, ranging from simple sightseeing walks to the most extreme travel. But almost all of them require a passport - what if you don't?

Don't despair - there are many places you can go without a passport!

Where to go to rest without a passport?
Where to go to rest without a passport?


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Resorts in the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories are available to everyone, and you can also go there to relax without a passport. It should be noted that Russians at all times loved to relax in the resorts of Abkhazia, especially in Gagra, Pitsunda, etc. There are several interesting places in Abkhazia, therefore, when choosing a city, you should proceed from what exactly you want to get from the rest. If you are planning a vacation with children, the coasts of Tuapse and Anapa are especially open for you. There are also children's health resorts in Anapa, so your children will not only have a rest and gain new impressions, but also get some medical treatment. In Gelendzhik there is inexpensive housing, there is a quieter vacation, and in general, quite reasonable prices for Russian vacationers. Fans of outdoor activities should go to Lazarevskoye. Sochi remains the most popular and prestigious to this day - a city with a unique atmosphere and a miraculous climate. This year Sochi hosted the Olympics, so the city has become even more beautiful and well-groomed.

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You ask - where can a Russian vacationer go without a passport? We answer - to Belarus! What is not here! And ancient mysterious castles, and architectural features, and local colorful drinks and dishes, and much more. Not far from Minsk is the Nesvizh Castle, which combines six different architectural styles at the same time. And in Minsk itself there is the Pishchalovsky Castle, in which the death penalty is carried out by shooting to this day. For lovers of antiquities, there is also the opportunity to wander through the ruins of several other castles. In addition, if you are going to relax with the kids, then you simply have to show them the Gorky Park, which looks the same as it did back in 1980. There you can ride retro carousels, feed cute ducks on the pond, and when it gets dark, admire the stars at the local planetarium. It is noteworthy that it is wonderful to relax in Belarus even in winter, skiing and skating.

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Perhaps many will be surprised, but you can have a great rest in Kazakhstan without a visa and a passport. And this rest, believe me, will be remembered by you for many years. The country of Kazakhstan has enormous potential, there are crystal clear lakes, and many different historical monuments, and ski resorts, and even places where no man's foot has yet gone. You will be simply enchanted by the local beauty, especially if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. Two of the most famous places worth visiting in Kazakhstan are the skating rink high in the mountains "Medeo" and the "miracle in the steppe", namely the city of Astana. Unfortunately, at the moment in Astana there is no opportunity to relax in the middle range of prices, here there are either hotels with unprecedented luxury at a fabulous price, or hotels for the poor. Therefore, going on a trip to the city of Astana, think in advance where you will live.

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You have the opportunity to visit resorts in Kyrgyzstan without a passport - and here, indeed, there is something to see and where to visit. Among the most popular attractions are thermal springs and Issyk-Kul. From the monuments of culture and history, you simply must see: the Museum of Art and History, the Monument of Independence, the House of Parliament. Please note that photographing airports and other military objects is strictly prohibited here. However, do not be alarmed, this does not mean at all that Russian tourists in Kyrgyzstan are not safe, it is just better to be careful. Be sure to try the local cuisine, and do not be afraid to use taxi services, the prices for the trips are quite reasonable.

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South Ossetia.

If you are puzzling over the question “where to go without a passport in the summer?”, We can offer you a vacation that will surely change your ideas about summer resorts. Despite the fact that the average Russian, upon hearing the name of South Ossetia, immediately recalls political events, it is also a country with amazing nature, colorful local customs and fertile lands. Summer holidays in Ossetia are unforgettable mountains, delightful gorges, clean springs, a pleasant climate and pollution-free air. You will indeed make many pleasant discoveries if you decide to go to rest in this unusual corner of the earth. In addition, Russian tourists who come to South Ossetia not only rest and cleanse their souls, but also strengthen their bodies, since there are many springs with mineral waters like nowhere else. The best part is that people who prefer both passive and active rest can go here without fear. Mountain climbers will be able to constantly explore new peaks, both in winter and in summer.

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Since the beginning of this year, all Russians have a unique opportunity to visit the legendary city of Istanbul, even without having a passport. Residents of Russia can go on a cruise to the five largest cities located on the Black Sea. And, if earlier Odessa was included in the cruise program, now it has been decided to replace it with Istanbul. This program starts from the end of May, so have time to get tickets, because there really is something to see. In Istanbul, vacationers will be able to spend two whole days, but at the same time they will have to move only as part of a group and move around the city only with special temporary passes. The journey will take place on a sea vessel with the exotic name "Adriana", which, despite its considerable age (built in 1972), is in excellent condition thanks to several renovations. This is a liner that can accommodate about three hundred passengers, as well as about a hundred of the crew. Interestingly, after Istanbul was added to the cruise program, the demand for it increased several times. Hurry up and you will take advantage of the offer, and be sure that you will have a wonderful vacation without a passport in five resort cities!

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