How And What You Can Save On In Spain

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How And What You Can Save On In Spain
How And What You Can Save On In Spain
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Spain has long been considered a great holiday destination. Every year tens of thousands of tourists visit this country, many of them are Russians. Guests are greeted by sea resorts, a rich excursion program and Mediterranean cuisine. Most tourists entrust the organization of travel to specialists, but there are those who prefer to plan their vacation on their own. How can you best organize your trip and how can you save money in Spain if your budget is not large?

How and what you can save on in Spain
How and what you can save on in Spain


If you decide that a travel agency will be engaged in the organization of recreation, but the issue of saving is relevant, you need to take into account a number of points. Firstly, tours from Moscow and St. Petersburg are cheaper than from other Russian cities. Secondly, the price is always higher in season. Therefore, it is better to send to Spain at a time when there is no influx of tourists. For example, in April and May the sea is still cool, but if the main thing for you is to get acquainted with the sights of the country, the weather will be quite comfortable for this. Thirdly, travel agencies willingly make discounts on last minute deals. In case a visa is open, you can be in Spain in a few days.


Air travel accounts for most of the travel expenses. Spain is considered a popular destination, planes of different companies fly to several cities at once. Charter flights have been organized from the Russian capital cities. To choose a cheap flight, start booking tickets in advance, preferably four to six months before the departure of the plane.

The option with a transfer at the airport in Germany, Switzerland or Hungary is possible. The travel time will increase, but the obvious savings are worth it. For residents of the northern capital, there are convenient transit flights from Tampere to Frankfurt, and from there - further to Spain. It is also worth recalling that the cheapest flights are without luggage, so if you want to save money, you should limit yourself to hand luggage.


The most expensive hotels in Madrid and Barcelona. Accommodation in one of the hotel complexes of a large Spanish city will greatly ease your wallet. The high prices are due to the popularity of the resorts and the fact that they have long been chosen by tourists from European countries. It makes sense to look for accommodation options in small towns in Spain, the remoteness from the center guarantees affordable housing prices. This should be taken care of in advance.

The cost of living also depends on the category of the hotel. "Star" includes the location of the hotel and the range of services provided. If you have decided on the city of residence, choosing the best hotel option is not difficult - there are many of them in Spain. The most economical are guesthouses and hostels. These are small hotels located in residential buildings. For a modest fee, they provide quite comfortable conditions. Accommodation in the hostel will cost from 6 euros, which additionally includes food and Wi-Fi.

If you are traveling in a large company, then it is better to stay in an apartment. The rental fee is not collected from each person separately, but for the entire premises. In addition to the benefits in return, the apartments guarantee privacy and quietness. Taking into account the location and seasonality, the most optimal prices are observed in May and June, an apartment in the capital or on the coast will always cost more than rent in a small village.

Currency exchange

It is better to exchange currency before arrival in Spain. Banks are open on schedule, most are open on weekdays only until lunchtime. Local exchange offices work late and seven days a week, but they charge too much commission for the service.


Spanish public transport is expensive, for example a bus ride costs 4 euros. If you are planning a long trip to Spain, it is more profitable to rent a car. In addition to significant savings, this will allow you to independently plan excursion routes.Organized site visits and guide services are also expensive. It is better to plan trips in the afternoon, when the siesta comes and the roads become clearer.

Tourist buses are popular with vacationers; their route passes near the main attractions. The ticket price for 20 euros includes audio guide services, including in Russian. It is convenient to get from small settlements to the capital by train. For visitors to Catalonia, in particular the Costa Brava, a special card has been developed, which guarantees free travel and good discounts in museums and restaurants. The card is valid for 2 to 5 days. A similar service operates in Madrid and Valencia.


Mediterranean cuisine is rich in delicacies and wine. To cut costs, it is worth ditching expensive restaurants and choosing small cafes to visit. There are many of them in Spain, but they cook deliciously and satisfyingly here. Some establishments offer set meals ranging from 7 to 15 euros. In addition to the first and second courses, the menu contains salad and dessert.

The hotels offer a buffet of appetizers and desserts, while in the apartments you can prepare your own meals. Food prices are close to Russian supermarkets, but their quality wins.


If the issue of savings is acute, it is better to refuse purchases altogether. Shopping is best done during the sales season, usually spring and autumn. During this period, the prices of goods are reduced by up to 50%.

Despite the high cost of euros and the high cost of services, holidays in Spain will become more pleasant by reducing costs. For example, there are coupons giving discounts in supermarkets and gas stations. Entertainment websites contain special offers. Museums have fixed hours when visitors are allowed in free of charge. The savings will affect the wallet and leave a pleasant impression of visiting the country.

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