How To Relax On Kazantip

How To Relax On Kazantip
How To Relax On Kazantip
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In Crimea, there are two objects with the name "Kazantip". The first of them is a cape in the northeastern part of the Crimean Peninsula, washed by the waters of the Azov Sea, where the biosphere reserve is located. This is an interesting site that is definitely worth a visit. However, the second Kazantip is much more popular - a resort located not far northwest of the city of Evpatoria.

How to relax on Kazantip
How to relax on Kazantip

How can you get to Kazantip

The Kazantip resort has long attracted fans of beach holidays and music festivals. Among its admirers, this resort bears the unofficial name "Republic of Kazantip". Due to the well-known political events of the spring of 2014, when Crimea returned to the Russian Federation, as well as due to the hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine, travel by rail to Crimea through the territory of Ukraine became difficult for Russian citizens. Therefore, the best option is to fly to the airport of the city of Simferopol (the administrative center of Crimea), and from there get to the nearest city of Evpatoria to Kazantip by train or by regular bus. You can also arrive in Crimea by ferry from the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, and then by rail or road to Yevpatoria.

From Evpatoria to the village of Popovka, next to which is the "Republic of Kazantip", you can get by bus or take a taxi.

What are the features of rest on Kazantip

When planning to visit this "republic", it is necessary to take into account that, first of all, adherents of an unpretentious and very free way of life go there. Most of them live in tents, which can be set up on campgrounds in the immediate vicinity of Popovka. This is an ideal place for people who profess the principle of one of Gogol's characters: "The closer to nature, the better." They want to relax there, listen to loud music, and have non-binding resort romances. Therefore, families with children, as well as lovers of quiet, comfortable rest, should hardly go there. In extreme cases, they can stay in boarding houses located near Popovka, for example, in the village of Mirny.

At the service of those who purposefully travel to the republic, three dozen bars and restaurants, about 10 dance floors. To get to the territory of the republic, you need to pay for a visa - either a single entry or multiple entry, which gives the right to an unlimited number of entries / exits. There is, however, one characteristic feature: people holding a yellow suitcase are allowed free admission. But you can't part with this suitcase!

Prices for food and drinks on the territory of the republic are much higher than in the surrounding villages, therefore, in order to save money, it is better to eat outside its borders.

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