Some Sights Of Warsaw

Some Sights Of Warsaw
Some Sights Of Warsaw
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Warsaw is one of the largest and most interesting cities in Poland, so it is not surprising that the famous sights of the country are located here. Every tourist visiting the capital of Poland can see a lot of interesting things.

Some sights of Warsaw
Some sights of Warsaw

The hallmark of Warsaw is the Palace Square, which is located in the center of the city and contains other memorable buildings of the Polish capital on its territory: the Royal Castle, the Cathedral, the column of Sigismund III.

For fans of excursions, numerous exhibitions and museums are suitable. There are enough of them in Warsaw. If a tourist is fond of science or art, he should visit the Chopin Museum (1 Okulnik street) and the Marie Curie Museum (16 Freta street), where the traveler learns not only interesting facts about the biographies of famous people, but can also immerse himself in the atmosphere of the 19th century … In addition, there is a one-of-a-kind cartoon museum in Warsaw, where works of world famous cartoonists are exhibited (located on Kozia Street). Art lovers should visit the National Museum of Warsaw, which houses the richest collection of works by outstanding artists in painting, graphics and photography. This museum is located in the Jerusalem Alleys in Warsaw. And the permanent exhibitions in the Historical Museum of Poland, located in the center of the capital on Starem Miasta, will tell the tourist about all the stages of Warsaw's development from its inception to the present day. These museums are attractions for those who appreciate the art and culture of Poland.

In Warsaw, there is a so-called castle square, on which the castle of the same name is located. It is also one of the architectural landmarks of the capital of Poland.

If a tourist is in Poland for the first time, he should visit Wilanow Palace - a magnificent architectural monument in the Baroque style, with adjoining gardens. By the way, it is considered the first museum in Warsaw, since the first exposition was founded there in 1805. The palace is located in Warsaw on Kostya Potocki Street.

Belvedere Palace is another landmark of Warsaw, located on the alley of the same name. This is one of the residences of the President of the country. Next to the palace there is another attraction - the Lazienki Palace. It is also called the Palace on the Water or the Palace on the Island. It is no coincidence that it is located on an artificial island in Warsaw's Lazienkowski Park.

In Warsaw, you can see the majestic castles. For example, the Ujazdowski Castle, located between the Ujazdowski and Lazenkovski parks, is an amazing structure built in the 17th century in the Baroque style.

In Warsaw, you can see other sights as well. So, we can note the architectural structures of religious significance. Among them, the church of business cards and the Cathedral of the Polish Army stand out for their beauty and unusualness. The Church of St. Hyacinth, together with the Dominican monastery, is the largest religious complex in Warsaw.

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